My First Dishcloth with Marly Bird

Welcome to My First with Marly Bird! Each month Marly will teach you a new crocheting or knitting project. These projects are designed to make you comfortable as you transition between learning the stitches and making a project. Every design has a written pattern and a step-by-step video tutorial to follow along.

This month we’re featuring a Scrubby dishcloth, in both knit and crochet. Download the free patterns, buy the supplies for it from, then watch Marly’s video to learn how to make it!

This dishcloth is made as a square, and it uses our textured Red Heart Scrubby yarn so it’s great to clean with. We’re calling it a dishcloth and show it in the kitchen, but you can make one in another color and use it as an exfoliating washcloth.

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2 thoughts on “My First Dishcloth with Marly Bird

  1. Gini

    I knit these in 4 inch squares, crochet a loop and attach it to a corner of the scrubby and use it when I wash my face. I use it mostly in the shower, so I bought a suction cup with a plastic hook on it and attached it to the shower wall and hang the face scrubby on it. It exfoliates my skin and leaves it smooth and clean. I am going to make a back scrubber very soon. Love this yarn a lot and I love the colors, too.

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