Fond Crochet Memories

Do you remember a special knit or crochet gift you were given?  I remember several, but there is one that stands out in my mind.  It was the 80’s and rainbows were all the rage in teen girl room décor!  I know I am dating myself, but I know some of you out there can relate!  My next door neighbor crocheted a beautiful ripple afghan to my specifications out of 5 solid shades of yarn, it was likely Red Heart Classic at that time.  After we bought the yarn, I remember I could barely stand the wait to get the finished product.  Finally it was done and it exceeded my expectations and spent many happy years on my bed!  

My rainbow bedroom is long gone, but I still have that afghan, and fond memories of my neighbor Mrs. Garrison who lovingly crocheted it for me.  I can’t bear to part with it even thought it doesn’t match anything in my current home décor.  Every time I go into the linen closet, I smile when I see it.  I may just bring it out on a cold and dreary winter day to brighten things up!  Is there a special knitted or crocheted gift you have given or received?  Share your story.

A similar free afghan pattern to the one featured in this blog post is the Evening Ease Ripple Throw.