Free Form Crochet Artistry with Mikey

Michael Sellick is a leading guru in the crochet world inspiring crocheters on a global scale. Mikey possesses a fun sense of humour and a natural talent to inspire, create and celebrate accomplishments with fans. He has achieved incredible success through his online community commitment to the yarn arts and social media element of the yarn industry. Michael has the ability to engage and educate consumers by teaching projects which led him to become a representative of Red Heart Yarns in 2012 as their Official Tutorial Video Host.

From YouTube to the Creativ Festival, here’s a presentation you won’t want to miss…
Mikey’s Yarn Bike using Red Heart Yarns




Free Form Crochet Artistry with Mikey
Yarn bomb no more… discover Free Form Crochet Artistry! Yarn bombing randomly covers objects with cookie cutter shapes, forcing the fibre to take on the form. Free Form Crochet Artistry goes to the next level for bold, unpredictable results. It’s an amazing way to up-cycle used objects or simply create incredibly beautiful and unusual artwork. As painters rely on paint, Free Form Crochet Artists unleash the yarn stash to create their next masterpiece! Mikey dissects the skills, reveals secrets for obtaining shapes and shares embellishing tips to “paint with yarn”. Plus, a Free Form Crochet Artistry kit valued at $100 given away in each class.

Find Mikey at Creativ Festival on April 25 & 26, 2014. Discovery Centre – Fri 12:30 . Sat 12:30