Free Crochet & Knit Pattern eBook: Come enjoy our Ballet Class

We’ve put together a selection of 10 knit and crochet designs and patterns that will make your little dancer want to express her joy with a happy dance!

ballet-group-2 ballet-group-1

Shrugs and Sweaters that are perfect for warming up at the barre or wearing to school on dance days. You’ll find sizes for 4 to 12 year olds.

Hair Embellishments including a bun cover and flowers to keep her up-do neat and tidy.

Leg Warmers in modern yarns that finish off a dance studio outfit or can be worn with street clothes.

She’ll love wearing these knit and crochet fashions to the dance studio or with her regular school and funky fun clothes.

Download and browse through our 34-page book…find your dancer’s favorites…then print out the pages for your chosen pattern.


Yarns Featured in Ballet Class Pattern eBook





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10 thoughts on “Free Crochet & Knit Pattern eBook: Come enjoy our Ballet Class

  1. Denise

    This type of booklet should also be made for us adult dancers.

  2. WD

    I tried to make the gray shrug for grownups with an L hook and it was really too much work. I’d love it resized for adults.

  3. Brenda

    Thank you so much for this free eBook! My granddaughter is visiting in April and she is in ballet. I can make her a few accessories for her classes.

  4. Mary

    I would love to see these patterns in adult sizes, too. Thanks Red Heart!

  5. Barbara Farmer

    Is there any way we can get these patterns sized for adults?

  6. Anonymous

    Love the ballet wrap, but there might be an error in the pattern. Under Left Side it says to decrease until 36 sts for size 10. Then it continues under Shape Armhole to say bind off 5 sts to have 30 sts – in actuality you have 31. To correct this I just repeated the decrease step one more time and continued on.

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