January Doily of the Month

Welcome to the January Doily of the Month! Each month in 2016 we will share a new doily pattern for you to crochet in Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread. We challenged the top doily designers to create innovate designs that coordinate with the feeling of each month. Plus, every month we will select five winners to receive an Aunt Lydia’s prize pack.

For January, we have a Snowflake Doily with a wintry color scheme. The doily has six points, but the color changes make the focus on it circular.

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Dominik’s Scarves for Autism Awareness

Dominik-Alexander Foster, age 12, loves to make scarves using Red Heart Boutique Fur yarn. He names each scarf after Disney characters, and his favorite scarf is this black and white one called Deville after the character Cruella deVille in 101 Dalmations. Dominik has Aspergers, an autism spectrum disorder, and he sells the scarves to raise money for autism awareness and treatments.

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Fun with Boutique Fur

I first had the opportunity to touch, and play with this scrumptious yarn at the Knit and Crochet Show in San Diego CA earlier this year. I purchased a few skeins at the show, but it wasn’t until Red Heart Boutique Fur became available at my local big box retailer that I was able to purchase most of the colors, and allow my creativity to run wild! Among my friends, I’m the one who adores working with novelty yarn. I like the way the end result looks and feels. I don’t mind that instead of seeing the stitches clearly, you have to feel you way through your project. When I work with this yarn I poke me finger into each stitch before placing my crochet hook in the stitch.

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Cro-Shayley makes Twin Green Bay Mitts, Leg Warmers and Hats

Cro-Shayley makes Twin Green Bay Mitts, Leg Warmers and Hats

It’s getting rather cold now down here in North Carolina…I can’t imagine what it’s like in Green Bay, WI. My friend asked me to make birthday gifts for her 2 year old twin granddaughters that live in Green Bay and happen to be Packer fans. She wanted to give them each a hat, mittens and leg warmers…one set pink, the other purple with Green Bay Packers colors yellow and green accents.

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Cro-Shayley Joins Neighborhood Stitch Club

Cro-Shayley Joins Neighborhood Stitch Club

My family and I just moved back to North Carolina from Mississippi a few months ago. It feels so good to be closer to our loved ones! We found a great neighborhood to live in that has all types of clubs to join to get to know people. I got an alert in my email one day for a new group for knitters and crocheters called Stitch for a Cause. I love to crochet and I enjoy making things for special causes so I had to join! The cause we are stitching for through January is for the American Heart Association’s Little Hats, Big Hearts. We’re making red newborn hats to raise awareness for heart disease and defects.
Little Hats Big Hearts

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