FREE Merry eBook: Decorate and Celebrate!

Now is the time to get your making merry thoughts together and start stitching gifts and decorations that will create a warm, festive home this holiday season. When I was young, I thought you didn’t need to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. But over the years it has become very evident that if I am going to enjoy the holidays, it’s necessary to start early with my stitching projects.

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Donna’s Dozen Throw Back 70’s Style

I wish I had the space to keep every bit of clothing from every decade because styles are always making a comeback. Everywhere I look I see the 70’s. Luckily the avocado and gold kitchens did not return in the home dec area. I searched the site and found some great retro patterns. The only thing is you will need to find a place to store them because in 30 or 40 years these fashion statements will return.
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Learn a Stitch, Make a Fair Isle Crochet Cowl

Welcome to the tenth entry in our ongoing series Learn a Stitch, Make a Cowl! Each month in 2015 we will teach you a new crochet or knit stitch. You can then use the stitch when you make the featured cowl. This month our stitch is Fair Isle crochet, and the cowl is the Fair Isle Crochet Cowl in Soft. Keep reading to learn the stitch and enter to win! Use the hashtag #learnstitches to talk about the series.

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October Featured Throw of the Month

Welcome to the October Featured Throw of the Month! This month we have the Fabulous Fall Throw made in Super Saver. Each month we will have a new themed throw as a featured free pattern. Each throw will have a tip or two in the blog, as well as a giveaway to win the yarn to make the throw. Keep reading for the tip and to access the giveaway! Use the hashtag #throwmonth to talk about the series.

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Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 7, Week 3

Welcome to the Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge! This is the third week of our virtual “stitch and sip”. Everyone’s so busy it can be hard to find time to work on your projects, especially with the holidays approaching, so I’ve found it best to set aside time each week. Wednesdays fit my schedule best, but you can choose any evening that suits your schedule.

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Ever-Popular Throw Design . . . Re-Imagined in New Colors

Our Corner-to-Corner Throw has been around so long that we consider it a classic. It’s a design that is fun to make because you start crocheting at one corner, and keep increasing or decreasing to create the rectangle shape. There are no seams to sew at the end! I think that is one of the main reasons it is so loved. It is also a nice weight and doesn’t have holes to get your toes caught (a real plus for me).

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