1 Cowl Design – 3 Ways

I’m sure you agree with me that one of the nicest things about crocheting your own cowl is that you can use any yarn and any color that you please. So when Salena Baca did this easy crochet cowl pattern we were not sure which yarn to use to please the most people. So we asked her to do the same pattern in 3 different yarns – Red Heart Soft, Boutique Treasure and Boutique Unforgettable. And we chose colors that were as different as we could.

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Cro-Shayley makes Red Heart's Turtle Bath Scrubby

Cro-Shayley makes Red Heart’s Turtle Bath Scrubby

Is bath time your little one’s favorite part of the day? It is for mine! Add to the fun and make him or her a bath scrubby with Red Heart’s new Scrubby yarn. It’s made of textured polyester which makes great washcloths and “scrubbies.” I decided to crochet Red Heart’s Turtle Bath Scrubby using these colors: Coconut, Duckie, Ocean and Cherry. Continue reading “Cro-Shayley makes Red Heart’s Turtle Bath Scrubby”

Cozy Knits for Chickens

Why do chickens cross the road? To get a sweater, of course!

One of my friends, Kristie Mach, has a friend who lives in Canada named Libby who keeps pet Silkie chickens. Libby jokingly asked Kristie if she could make some sweaters to keep her chickens warm, and Kristie decided to, in order to thank Libby for her good friendship. Yes, you read that correctly, my friend had a special request to knit chicken sweaters!
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Learn a Stitch, Make this Textured Cowl

Welcome to the sixth entry in our ongoing series Learn a Stitch, Make a Cowl! Each month in 2015 we will teach you a new crochet or knit stitch. You can then use the stitch when you make the featured cowl. This month our stitch is the bobble, and the cowl is the Le Papillon Cowl in Boutique Unforgettable. Keep reading to learn the stitch and enter to win! Use the hashtag #learnstitches to talk about the series.

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June Featured Throw of the Month

Welcome to the June Featured Throw of the Month! This month we have the Lacy Floral Throw made in With Love yarn. Each month we will have a new themed throw as a featured free pattern. Each throw will have a tip or two in the blog, as well as a giveaway to win the yarn to make the throw. Keep reading for the tip and to access the giveaway! Use the hashtag #throwmonth to talk about the series.

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