Donna’s Dozen Doilies

For years doilies have been thought of as old-fashioned. Well, I am here to show you some modern, beautiful, “not your granny’s” doilies. We have doilies used as motifs, repurposed, jewelry, holiday decor and even a baby blanket. I personally think that doilies are more of a work of art than they are old fashioned. One thing that has helped are the colors that you can buy thread in now-a-days where in years past you were limited to natural colors. There are multis and prints in different thread sizes to allow you to create and display your work of art.

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Now What Size Hook Did I Use?

How many of you have ever found a long ago forgotten project? It might be in the back of the closet, in your tote bag, maybe even in the trunk of your car. Sometimes I have 5 or 6 projects on my hooks, and when I pick them back up I can’t remember which size hook I used. Here’s a clever way to help you remember what size hook you need when you pick up that unfinished object, (UFO as I like to call them).

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Special Handmade Gift Ideas for Mom this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming soon and making something handmade is always a special way to show mom how much you love her. Red Heart has lots of beautiful knit and crochet free patterns that will be sure to make mom smile on her special day. We have gone through and selected a few of our favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas, but please feel free to browse our free pattern collection for more inspiration.
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Throwback Thursday Dishcloth

by guest blogger Karen Freeman

Lately the weather has allowed many of us to have time to work projects that we may have started or start new ones. Recently, I was able to work on a vintage dishcloth pattern that can still work very well today. The hardest part of this pattern was choosing the colors. Crème de la Crème has 50 beautiful colors which made my choices endless.

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14 Shawls that are Perfect for Anytime of Year!

Shawls are one of the most versatile projects you can make: dress up an everyday outfit with options like the Crochet Lorelei Shawl, stay warm in the office with the Buttoned Shawl, or be prepared for a formal event with the Triangle Elegance Shawl.

Plus, shawls easily go from season to season.  The Dubonnet Poncho, for example, will keep your bare arms warm in over-air-conditioned buildings in the spring, and provide a stunning accessory for a winter holiday party.

Shawl patterns are also fantastic for learning new skills. Practice the V-stitch, knitting miteres, or working circular motifs with beautiful shawl patterns.

Discover all of these patterns plus seven more below. Whether you crochet or knit we have shawl patterns designed just for you.

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