Fun with Boutique Fur

I first had the opportunity to touch, and play with this scrumptious yarn at the Knit and Crochet Show in San Diego CA earlier this year. I purchased a few skeins at the show, but it wasn’t until Red Heart Boutique Fur became available at my local big box retailer that I was able to purchase most of the colors, and allow my creativity to run wild! Among my friends, I’m the one who adores working with novelty yarn. I like the way the end result looks and feels. I don’t mind that instead of seeing the stitches clearly, you have to feel you way through your project. When I work with this yarn I poke me finger into each stitch before placing my crochet hook in the stitch.

FUR1-smallRed Heart Boutique Fur is extremely soft, available in 8 different colors, and sold in 11 yard balls. If you’ve never worked with novelty yarn before, I suggest you be patient, and give this yarn a try. You’ll be happy you did! The end result feels like you have a stuffed animal wrapped around your neck. It’s a very sensuous, and tactile yarn. I can’t wait to make a hat, poncho, and more, with this very special yarn.

Please enjoy this pattern for an EASY cowl or stole.

Red Heart Boutique Fur Cowl

Supplies Needed:







Fur2-smallStart: With A, chain 40. (Do not join, we will sew together later)
Row 1: Starting in 3rd chain from hook, hdc all the way across. Ch 2.
Row 2: Hdc all the way across, ch2, turn your work. Add color B
Row 3: Hdc all the way across, ch 2, turn your work
Row 4: Hdc all the way across, ch 2, Add color C, turn your work.
Row 5: Hdc all the way across, ch 2, turn your work
Row 6: Hdc all the way across. Weave in all ends. Fold and line up scarf, then stitch together.

This cowl can be worn 2 ways: like a regular cowl around your neck, or draped on your shoulders. It’s very pretty and comfortable.

Happy Stitching!


8 thoughts on “Fun with Boutique Fur

  1. Natalie

    While I’ve never been a fan of working with this type of yarn, I can see the beauty in the projects that are made from it. It is incredibly soft and the colours are lovely.

    Looking forward to seeing your next project!

  2. jessica lam

    nice looking!

    i’m thinking to crochet that FUR in single color, two rows, to do the collar and cuffs matching ordinary yarn of body and sleeves cardigan.

  3. Valerie

    I love working with novelty yarn as you can create so many things from it, I crochet blanket squares together with it
    and does not matter what side you see on the blanket this yarn makes it look good. It is also great for toy making I admit
    its difficult to work with but the challenge is great and the result is even more spectacular.

    • Donna

      Valerie- You have me curious. Are there any photos online of your afghans? Do the blocks have novelty yarns as well or do you create a furry grid with traditional-looking blocks?

  4. Ardella Wentworth

    I purchased two skeins of this yarn in Eggplant, and started knitting with it and it stunk so bad that it
    gave me a headache and was getting nausiated from the smell.
    It smelled like you soaked in gasoline or kerosene before making the skeins with it, I wanted to make
    something for my friend that is going through chemo and couldn’t.

    I want to burn it, I have one skein unrolled and one not unused.
    I will never again purchase this product.

    • redheart

      Hi Ms. Wentworth, We’re sorry to hear about the problems! If you have not already, please contact Consumer Service at or 877-787-7087 for assistance. If possible, please save the problem yarn and the label.


    SO , what is the trick to knitting with this yarn. Having much difficulty

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