Generosity for Madagascar Exhibit

By Michael Sellick

We are continuing to receive donations from fans around the world for the Stranded and Tangled in Madagascar Exhibit at Creativ Festival. Donations have come in from Dubai, France, UK, USA and Canada so far. Our booth will be the island of Madagascar for the next show. Some of the characters are tiny while others are oversized. We have over 200 creatures and landscape entries so far.

The upcoming Creativ Festival will have the most yarn we have ever brought. I believe we will have one of the most complete array of yarn varieties for Red Heart as well as a luscious collection of assorted Sock Yarns from Schachenmayr at the show.

Learn More About the Creativ Festival!

When: October 24-26, 2014

Where: Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) South Building
222 Bremner Blvd., Toronto, ON Canada M5V 3L9
In the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District

A free eBook will be made by me featuring all of the characters we have received after the show. With only 5 top prizes, choosing the top 5 is going to be extremely tough! We will be awarding 10 random prizes for the participants that crocheted something special for our exhibit.

Entry is now closed to mail us any further donations as it will take time for us to receive them before the show.

While at the exhibit amazing creatures will amaze and inspire you. We allow photographs and videos to be taken at our exhibit in the hopes you share more about the love of crochet and how it can make a difference.

More About Nana
Pictured above is Nana Kicking Alex’s Butt, crocheted by Patricia Reitz of Warren, Pennsylvania. This is only one of potentially 300 characters that will be at the show. What touched our heart more was the story told by Patricia and I would like to take a moment to share that with you.

Nana is Patricia’s hero in the movie. Patricia, now heading into her senior years, who I have met in person during last Creativ Festival, is so kind and helpful. In knowing that Nana’s skills were based on being a Girl Scout, Patricia too was Girl Scout for 3 years between the ages of 8 – 11 years old. Patricia gave back to society with being a Girl Scout leader for 12 years in her early adult years.

Nana is wearing a hand knit Girl Scouts adult uniform. Did you notice the pin that Nana is wearing? It is Patricia’s original Girl Scout Pin from when she was 8 years old and she has kept it safe for close to 50 years. In the hopes of giving back to society in the form of animal rescue with the Canadian Human Society, she decided to give up her pin for this exhibit so that Nana could be sold to raise money. It is without a shadow of a doubt, a touching story and a true sentiment of what Girl Scouts’ lessons that are taught. Though it may sound sappy, it wrenched my heart that someone would give up something so precious. Whomever purchases Nana should know this story and Nana should never end up in the closet but a cherished art exhibit created with knit and crochet to be visible to all.



As an extra treat, Nana’s Purse is a Crochet WIP Bag with a partially made project and two miniature copies of my two free eBooks. It is a remarkable and touching story of how crochet and knitting can have an impact meaning to our lives.

Some more examples of the fantastic donations:

Deanna Piney 3Annette Grant 1

Kevin Price 14Stacy Hinds 1

7 thoughts on “Generosity for Madagascar Exhibit

  1. Janet Bequeaith

    Truly a winner. Wonderful story. How do those of us out here in the hinter lands bid on these treasures?

  2. Anna Gibson

    What wonderful works of art! So wish I could be at the Creativ Festival!

  3. Jessica Perrault

    What a great story to go along with an absolutely AWESOME creation! I was a Girl Scout (same as a Girl Guide) from 6 th grade to Junior year in High School, so I can understand what is special about the pin and the story behind it. I’m really glad I participated and that there are so many awesome entries! I’m glad you guys are going to have such a tough time picking winners!

  4. Denise Vallejo

    I sure wish I could be there. I can’t wait to see the pictures Mikey posts. These characters are adorable. It is so wonderful that all these people are sharing their talent with this great charity.

  5. Sonia Torres

    OMG, I love these, especially Nana n her bag. I would love to make one. Is there a pattern available?

  6. Janet Diller

    There you go, changing the rules of the contest again. You did it with the hat challenge, too. First it was 15 random drawings now it is 10. You should set the rules for the contest in the beginning and not keep changing them. I believe that is why so many people didn’t contribute this time.

  7. Jamie

    Patty is my neighbor and I had the honor of seeing Nana and Alex come together. Patty is a wonderful person and to see her have so much passion in a project was amazing. The detail that she puts into her work is beyond impressive. I am very proud to say I know her and have seen her kind heart at work many times.

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