Getting ready for the Fourth of July!


Fourth of July is coming up next month, and Beach Bear Rita is already excited to celebrate with fireworks and a cookout!

If you’re looking for some patriotic projects, we’ve got you covered with throws, pillows, and even a great tote bag!


For your picnics, bring along a homemade throw like one of these:

Ships Ahoy Patritoic ThrowShips Ahoy Patritoic Throw Spirit of AmericaSpirit of America
Colors of America ThrowColors of America Throw Stars & Stripes Ripple ThrowStars & Stripes Ripple Throw

And don’t forget to bring this tote bag; it’s big enough to carry all you’ll need. Just add some blue to the pockets and you’ll have a grand ol’ bag!


If it’s just too hot to sit outside where you are, show your spirit with these great pillows!

Patriotic PillowPatriotic Pillow Statue of Liberty PillowStatue of Liberty Pillow



For the ultimate hand-made patriotic pattern, crochet your very own American flag!


Don’t forget about the Stars & Stripes color in Super Saver either! It makes a great hat or scarf for charity projects.








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