A Gift that Keeps Giving…

The Craft Yarn Council has a campaign called Each One Teach Two. The idea is that if each of us teaches just two people to knit or crochet then we can soon have the whole world sharing in the joy of using needles and hooks. I love this idea! Sharing knowledge is a gift that keeps giving. If you are getting together with family and friends this Thanksgiving, what could be nicer than spending some time enjoying yarn together. (It’s a good excuse to just sit after having a big meal.) Some of my favorite memories of childhood were those sitting next to my aunt or mother learning what to do with knitting needles and crochet hooks. How lucky we are that we may be able to give others nice cozy memories and a life of creating with yarn.

Since it is important to us that knit and crochet knowledge is shared, we’ve placed a lot of learning information on the Red Heart website. You may want to visit our learn section for illustrated how-to’s that can help in your teaching. There are also videos for many basic and more advanced learning.

We have recently added some easy free patterns that we thought you might want to use. It’s always more inspiring for a learner to really like what he or she is making, so you’ll want to include them in the choice of project. These are all made with Super Saver, which many of us also learned on. It’s a great yarn for beginners.

LW2234 Sporty Headband                                 LW2252 Super Easy Scarf
SportyHeadband                              SuperEasyScarf

LW2249 Roll Up Pencil Case                             LW2251 Baby Girl Sweater
RollUpPencilCase                           BabyGirlSweater


Make sure and take a photo of any completed projects. We’d love to see them. You could post them on our Red Heart Facebook page.