Gnorbert & Gnora’s Wedding

Gnora was the new gnome in town. Wanting to see the sites and have some fun, she decided to check out the Stitches show in town. Being a crafty gnome, she wanted to see all the beautiful colors and textures of yarn. As she is looking at all the new Red Heart yarns, she looks across the booth and just stopped … and then she spotted him, Gnorbert, standing there in all his glory, eye’s fixed on each other. Gnora couldn’t keep her eyes off of him.

They began traveling together, spending all their time with each other, meeting new friends and enjoying each other’s company. Gnorbert knew this was the girl of his dreams and he proposed on Valentine’s Day.  Naturally Gnora said Yes!

Oh, what’s a girl gnome to do? Just like any other girl, Gnora began to envision her wedding. It would be in June, so should they use the chapel, or maybe a garden wedding? Gnomes love garden and flowers. The weather would be great in June, so a garden wedding it will be.

Gnora                   Gnorbert

The day has arrived! It was perfect … a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, a quiet ceremony in the garden and all their friends were there. The birds, snails and frogs, rabbits, chipmunks and squirrels all came to witness the garden wedding of the summer.

May I present Gnora and Gnorbert Gnome.