Gnorberts Excellent Adventure

Last Fall while on one of his adventures, Gnorbert met a special lady named Gnora.  They quickly became inseparable and began traveling and enjoying being together. They spent the holidays together and talked about the new year to come.  Gnorbert the Gnome knew he had found his mate, Gnora the Gnome.  He knew this was the gnome of his dreams and was going to spend his life with her.  He went to work Gnora my pearl, will you marry me?”  She said YES!


Gnora is so excited, she can’t wait and is already thinking of a summer wedding.  What a beautiful time of year … don’t you think an outside garden wedding with lots of fresh flowers would be nice?  Now Gnora has to think about a wedding dress.  What do you think her colors should be?



2 thoughts on “Gnorberts Excellent Adventure

  1. SpinninJenny

    I sure wish Gnora had been in crochet! Is there any hope for this to happen? I’d like Gnorbert to have his beloved, but I don’t knit!!

    • redheart Post author

      Dear Jenny, Thank you for your question. We don’t want to say never, but it is very unlikely that there will be a crochet version of Gnora.

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