Good Tidings! 3 Gift Wraps with Yarn

Everyone knows that you can use pompoms instead of ribbon bows on gifts…I love using pompoms throughout the year. But this year I found some even easier, faster, and more impressive ways to quickly wrap holiday gifts with yarn. Here are 3 ideas that I hope will inspire you to get clever with gifty yarn wrapping.

The Grande Wrap and Tie


This is really easy and looks happy and impressive!

Materials: For this wrap, use a jumbo yarn (I used Red Heart Grande in 110 Aran).
1. Wrap it haphazardly around the box.

2. Then with separate pieces of yarn, tie simple bows in three places, or as desired.


The Boulevard Chain Heart 


I’m using this one for those who are closest to me and bring joy to my heart.

Materials: This heart is easily done with jumbo yarn, Boutique Boulevard in 5710 Cosmopolitan.
1. Make a chain with a Q hook about 1 yard long. Knot ends.
2. Arrange in heart shape and glue in place. (I used a low-temp glue gun, but any glue would do.)

The Super Saver Wrapped Wreath


This is a modern look that can be color coordinated to your wrapping paper or holiday color scheme since Super Saver comes in so many colors.

Materials: For this fun wrap you will need a piece of lightweight cardboard and two circular items like a cup and shot glass. (My circles were 3 5/8” and 2” in diameter.)
Three colors of worsted weight #4 yarn: I used Red Heart Super Saver in 706 Perfect Pink, 319 Cherry Red and 3862 Jade.
Cellophane tape
Yarn needle

1. Trace your two circles onto cardboard and cut the donut shape out.
2. Mark the donut into 6 sections.
3. Using 4 yards of yarn for each section, tape end to back of donut. Wrap until sufficiently full. Place end in yarn needle and insert under wraps to hold.
4. Wrap all three colors of yarn around your box.
5. For bow, cut 3 strands of each color 1 yard long. Use yarn to tie around the wraps.
6. Attach donut wreath by tying yarn in a simple bow and trim ends.
Hope you enjoy these thrifty ideas for wrapping your gifts with yarn-appeal! Happy gifting!