Granny Coatigans 3 Colorful Ways

gigi-hadidWhen Gigi Hadid was spotted wearing this designer granny coat and scarf (retailing for over $1,000), we knew we had to show crocheters how they could get the same look at a fraction of the price! So we are excited to show you how to use our much more reasonably priced Red Heart yarns to crochet your own Granny Sweater Coat.

The three patterns are all made with the same granny square design and include three sizes, Small/Medium, Large/X-Large and 2X-Large /3X-Large. It is an easy skill level pattern that even newer crocheters will enjoy.

Glam Granny Coatigan
Regal shades of blue, purple and jade in Red Heart With Love
Glam Granny Coatigan Free Crochet Pattern LW5297
Coatigan in Grannies
Neutral shades like the designer original in Red Heart Super Saver
Coatigan in Grannies Free Crochet Pattern LW5299
Sweater Coat in Grannies
Gorgeous multi-colored Red Heart Unforgettable with solids in Red Heart Soft yarn
Sweater Coat in Grannies Free Crochet Pattern LW5303

So whether you prefer bright jewel tones, neutral shades similar to the original designer coat, or shaded multi-colored tones, this coat is a wonderful crochet-lovers fashion. You might also consider crocheting a scarf for special people on your gift list. It’s easy to custom design them to the colors they enjoy wearing.

We’d like to thank Heather Lodinsky for her expertise in designing these coats in sizes Small to 3X-Large.

For patterns, click on the photo of your choice.

45 thoughts on “Granny Coatigans 3 Colorful Ways

  1. Peggy Rowley

    They are all beautiful but I especially like the neutral tones.

  2. Barb

    I love these. But my Mom was way ahead of you. My dear Mom has been gone 36 years now and about 2 years before she passed, she made one very similar to the brown now above also one is shades of red with white. Soon I will have a picture of the brown one as my daughter still has hers.
    I think these are awesome

  3. Anonymous

    please show a vest made of grannies very good for veterans in wheelchairs donations

  4. Pam Smith

    I love them all but my favorite Colorado is blue so of coarse it was the winner!

  5. Margaret

    I love them all. But I am in UK and not sure what the weight of yarns are DK or Arran. also how many grams of yarn ? We buy in grams not skeins. Thanks

    • redheart

      Dear Margaret, Thank you for your questions. The amount of grams for each of our yarns is given on the individual yarn page as well as in the pattern PDF, along with the weight in ounces, and the length in yards and meters.

      These coats are made in size 4 yarn, which is considered worsted or Aran weight. They are not made in DK weight yarn. We follow the CYC yarn weight system, and the weight of the yarn is given on the pattern PDF.

      You may purchase our yarns from and have them sent to the UK.

  6. Neena

    Love all three ! Blue is my favourite color so picked blkue. Would probably make the neutral browns tho ! Then the blue, and maybe the green ! Green is my least favourite color in the world so it is last …

  7. Anita Mitchell

    I love the brown one the most. But all are pretty.

  8. Violet W

    Love all of them. Every time I look at them I change my mind

  9. Sandra Alexander

    I like all three, but think I like the brown one above. One question. If you changed sides, would this work just as well for a man? It is very close to what I am looking to make my husband for Christmas.

    • redheart

      Hi Sandra, Thank you for your question. You are welcome to adapt the coat for a man. The coat does not have shaping for a particular body, so it should work well for a man if you choose the correct size.

  10. Grammy Britton

    I love the patterns but I think I would like a cardigan instead of a long coat.

  11. Kathy Hart

    I’m more of a brown tone type person so that one got my heart…they all would be nice with hoods though

  12. Diana

    All are so awesome sweaters that I loves to have wear all.

  13. A.B.Collins

    When I looked at the brown,black beige one it has burgundy in it,
    so not so neutral. Would prefer it with out the red in it.

  14. Tracey Goodrich

    I love the brown, but, I would want it in a solid color and a shorter style, but, I do love it. Now I want the pattern please.

    • redheart

      Hi Tracey, Thanks for your question! You can get the patterns by clicking on the names of the coats.

  15. Elizabeth Anderson

    Do you have a granny pattern like this in a lightweight version for Spring/Summer. My daughter showed me a picture of a women wearing one while she was on vacation. Of course, I got a “can you do this for me”?
    Sadly, I can’t do anything without a pattern.
    Thank you very much.

  16. Karen

    I’m sorry but it looks like Four different color designs to me!… the one modelled alone ( a woman in sunglasses photo) looks like it has more black and less red etc…..and of course it’s the one I like best.

  17. Cyndi

    I clicked on the name of coat and it didn’t take me to the pattern , am I doing something wrong?

    • redheart

      Hi Cyndi, We apologize for any confusion. When you click on the name of the pattern you should be taken to the pattern download page, where you can click on the Download Free Pattern button to get the pattern PDF, just like with all of our free patterns on

      If something isn’t working or you are still having trouble, please contact Consumer Services at or (800) 648-1479 for pattern assistance.

  18. Barbara

    I like the blue one. Also, like a few replies above (below) I would like it shorter.



  20. Jacqueline Mcbride

    It was very hard to decide but eventually, I chose the brown.
    I would like to know if the collars are optional? Beautiful work.

    • redheart

      Dear Jacqueline, Thank you for your question. The collars are added at the end of making the coats, and if you dislike the look of them you do not have to put them on.

  21. Ann Hines

    Love them all, but I like the Brown tones best. Thank you so much for the free pattern. That was a pleasant surprise. I am surely going to make this one and I’ll be using Red Heart Super Saver

  22. Norma

    I have been trying to figure this pattern out and failed. I was so e,xcited when this email arrived. I have purchased the yarn but I’m having trouble with size. Has anyone he tried using a 4mm hook for this yarn?

  23. Patti

    ALL of THem are MY Favorite!! I LOve and want to make them all…. Thank YOU!!

  24. Dr. Cynthia Richardson

    Great patterns, but I am way ahead of you. I made two coats similar to these patterns last year. One in shades of black, brown and cream, the other in black and the multi color Red Heart yarn in black, red, orange, green and blue. I love this pattern and I get so many compliments when I wear it. I want to make another shorter version this winter. Thank you for reaffirming my fashion sense.

  25. Carol

    I will be making the long sweater coat out of the Glam Granny coat colors. I love all 3 patterns and would like to own all 3 patterns, unfortunately when I click on the coat pictures to download them like the instructions say too, all I get is voting results. I love the Glam coat but unfortunately it has the least amount of votes. :-(

    • Carol

      I used the links in the comments to download the patterns. THANK YOU for the links!! While reading about a comment about the collars, I was wondering if there was a way to turn the collars into hoods? Is there a Red Heart pattern for a hood that would look nice on these coats? OOH! I think I will also add pockets to mine!

    • redheart

      Hi Carol, There are the three patterns going across in one line, and then underneath that there is the poll. If you click on the pattern pictures when they are across (above the poll), you will reach the pattern pages. It is set up the same as all of our 3 Colorful Ways pages.

  26. JR

    These are so beautiful and cozy. They look good and one size fits all.

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