Granny Squared – YBLA at the Craft and Folk Museum

Prepare for an invasion, an invasion of over 14,000 granny squares!!!  When members of Yarn Bombing Los Angeles (YBLA) were across the street looking at the Craft andFolkArt Museum  (CAFAM) they got the clever idea of covering an entire museum in yarn. The CAFAM structure resembles a cute country cottage and YBLA thought it would be fun to make it appear more doll-like by covering the entire front with granny squares.

LadiesSewing_jpgYBLA is a group of guerilla knitters and crocheters who have been collaborating since 2010.  When Yarn Bombing Los Angeles posted an online request for people to take part in “Granny Squared”, they were astonished to receive over 14,000 granny squares from all over the world.  50 states and 25 countries have combined their artistic forces to make thousands of 5 x 5 inch squares.  The call went out in October 2012 and the deadline was March 2013.  The online invitation asked for specific colors, white, pink, purple, orange, turquoise blue, lime green and yellow.  The individual squares would then be painstakingly put together at numerous sewing parties all around town.

Because RED HEART yarns comes in a myriad of colors and is a very durable yarn, the majority of this exhibit is comprised of Red Heart in the following colors: “Pretty in Pink”, “Bright Yellow”, “White”, “Amethyst”, “Spring Green”, “Orange” and “Turquoise.”

The enthusiasm of the participants was overwhelming.  People who donated ranged from those who learned to crochet just for this project, to students from the Braille Institute.  There were also squares from high school students and seasoned crafters.  Both men and women used their skills to make this public art installation happen.

There were many obstacles to overcome before the vision could become a reality.  Funds were needed to make sure each individual square was sprayed with a fire retardant material because the squares were going to be placed on the museum.  Funds were also needed to acquire the proper permits and to hire an engineer to make metal frames to attach the “grannies” to the outside of the building.

GrannyPanels_jpgThe reality of bringing this project to life required YBLA to raise over $8,000.   Once again social media and yarn blogs were used to raise the money.  The power of the online fiber arts community was strong, and the goal was met.  Squares kept trickling in after the deadline, but rest assured those squares will be put to good use.  In November or December of 2013 the remaining squares will be sewn together to make blankets for the homeless.

If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area from May 25th until July 1st, 2013 please stop by the CAFAM museum and check out “Granny Squared.”  This is definitely NOT your Grandma’s crochet!

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