Guide to Choosing Yarns and Patterns for Crocheting Winter Garments

Crocheting winter garments can be challenging. On the one hand, you want to make something cozy and warm. On the other hand, bulky knits can sometimes feel unflattering. How do you go about making things that you and your loved ones want to wear for winter? This guide will help you figure it out.

Choosing Yarn Weights for Winter Garments

Must-Have Crochet Mitered Tunic free pattern by Diane K. Moyer

Bulky weight yarn is one of the most obvious choices for any winter crafting. Extra-chunky knitwear is trendy almost every winter season. It looks and feels cozy, which is a key feature for any winter clothing. There are definitely some terrific bulky and super-bulky yarns that are perfect for making winter clothes.

However, don’t limit yourself to just heavy yarn weights. Although they can be quite warm, they can also be restrictive. Not everyone feels comfortable wearing something extra chunky. Therefore, you should also consider worsted weight and even DK weight yarns for the winter. Instead of wearing one big sweater, you can wear layers of lighter clothing. This keeps you warm while also giving you more design options.

Choosing Yarn Fibers for Winter Crochet

LW5899 entwined chic cable sweater

Entwined Chic Cable Sweater free pattern by Jennifer Pionk

The fiber you choose is probably more important than the specific yarn weight when it comes to making cold weather garments. You want something that is going to keep the chill out. Wool is always a great choice. For example, Chic Sheep is a 100% merino wool yarn that is perfect for wintertime crochet.

However, there are also many terrific synthetic options for people who aren’t comfortable wearing wool. In fact, acrylic yarns sometimes offer the perfect combination of bulky thickness with light weight. For example, check out Hygge, which is a bulky weight, acrylic/nylon blend. The nylon gives it stretch, perfect for making well-draped garments.

Best Crochet Stitches for Winter

LW6324 cable crochet sweater

Gotta Have it Cable Crochet Sweater free pattern by Diane K. Moyer

In keeping with the idea that you want to keep out the cold, your winter crochet should incorporate dense crochet stitch patterns. This isn’t the season for lacy openwork designs. Therefore, you want to choose designs that use a lot of single crochet and half double crochet stitches. Dense repeating stitch patterns such as moss stitch and seed stitch are good go-to options. Additionally, crochet cables are very popular for winter clothing, as are various other designs made using post stitches.

Best Colors for Winter Crochet

LW6322 make the grade crochet tunic

Make the Grade Crochet Tunic free sweater pattern by Lisa Gentry

As with any other season, you should crochet clothing in the colors you most want to wear. However, there are certain color combinations that lend themselves especially well to winter:

  • White including pure white and creamy white
  • White in combination with blue
  • Silver, gold, and other metallics
  • Red and green for a Christmas theme
  • Shades of deep blue and purple
  • Neutrals including various shades of grey

Turn to nature to see what colors are represented there during wintertime and mimic that in your color choices. On the other hand, if you’re tired of seeing snowy barren landscapes, you might brighten up your wardrobe with a boldly colored sweater. One great way to dress up the winter is to add some sparkle. Check out Italian Story Luce, a worsted weight yarn with sequins in it.

Choosing Crochet Patterns for Winter

When choosing crochet garment patterns, you should consider all of the above factors. You should also look at fit; you want to choose a design that is going to flatter your own figure. Look at the general shape of the garment. However, also be sure to look at how many size options there are, and whether or not a pattern has information to adapt to fit your own shape. Moreover, choose a design that is easy for you to adapt on your own, based on your unique skill set, so that you end up with winter wear that you love. Here are some great crochet patterns that are perfectly suitable to all of these requirements:

LW5303 sweater coat in grannies

The Sweater Coat in Grannies by Heather Lodinsky blends two different soft yarn types. It is colorful, but the green gives it a more muted “winter” style. It is sized from small to 3x. Be sure to check out the similar styles: Glam Granny Coatigan and Coatigan in Grannies.

LW6104 color block sweater

The Color Block Sweater is perfect for layering and indoor winter wear. The neutral colors are suited to winter. It comes in five sizes form small to XL.

Tanya Tunic Free Crochet Pattern LW6001

The Tanya Tunic by Tammy Hildebrand has an open texture but is made with a bulky brushed yarn for extra warmth. 

Open Front Comfy Cardigan free crochet pattern LW6011

Open Front Comfy Cardigan is a loose fitting ultra cozy sweater by Lorna Miser that is easy to make and works up relatively quick. 

Tie-Front Lover’s Knot Jacket Free Crochet Pattern LW5972

Tie-Front Lover’s Knot Jacket by Rosa Shand has a flattering longer length with ties to create elegant shaping.