Halos of Hope and Camp Happy Times Cap Rally

Camp Happy Time needs 400 hats by July 1! Want to to help them out? Read on to learn more how to support this great cause.

Camp Happy Times is a free one week program for children currently being treated for, or survivors of, cancer. Every year, over 200 campers attend Camp Happy Times from across the NJ, NY and PA area. This year marks their 29th annual camp session.

Each year, campers arrive to camp with no luggage or missing critical items needed for the week. Kids can go to the “Camp Store” and pick up everything and anything that they need… at no charge.  Camp Happy Times is in the mountains, and tends to get cold overnight. In addition, campers are encouraged to take warm winter clothes for themselves and often their brothers and sisters, knowing that they have few other resources for such items.

NEED:  200+ hand knit or crocheted winter hats.  The theme this year is “Medieval” camp and below are pattern ideas.  We know that many “fun” patterns exist; you’re welcome to make one of your own choosing!

SIZES:  Campers range from kids age 5 -21… so pretty much any and all sizes will be acceptable (No infants or toddlers, please). Some kids are larger due to the treatments and some are smaller… but all donations will go to good use.  If you’re unsure of head measurements, and need help, click here.

YARN — Something washable, bright and FUN! For the camper children that have no hair, they rely on wearing hats all of the time. The softer the yarn, the better and make it bright and festive… Kids love COLOR!

DEADLINE: All items should be mailed to Halos of Hope by July 1, 2011 to ensure we can get the hats to Camp Happy Times for this year’s winter camp.

WHERE TO SEND HATS: Halos of Hope, P.O. Box 1998, Arlington Heights, IL  60006-1998

Help us make these kids’ dreams come true for their winter camp. We know our volunteers can come through for this great cause!

Camp Happy Times is funded and supported by The Valerie Fund. The Valerie Fund has 9 centers throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania that serve more than 25,000 patient visits a year.

Pattern Ideas:

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Dragon Hat                     Princesses and Heros Pattern Book