Have you heard about the CGOA Design Competition?

The Design Competition grows each year as crocheters inspire the creativity in each other. It is an exciting part of the annual Knit & Crochet Show conference that is being held in Charleston, SC, July 13-16, 2016. Since I love the competition, I am writing to encourage you to enter the contest and share your original designs. . Your design will be displayed on the show floor and you may even win a nice monetary prize. :-)

There will be 7 judging categories this year plus a bonus category:

  1. Fashion: garments (not accessories), including sweaters, tops, jackets, vests, skirts and dresses.
  2. Accessories: including wraps, scarves, cowls, socks, mittens, hats, bags, belts and jewelry.
  3. Home Décor and Afghans: items primarily for the home, including afghans and throws, baby blankets.
  4. Thread Crochet: anything made in crochet thread or fine/lace weight yarn (CYC category #0/Lace); this category may overlap other categories, and includes doilies, garments, baby clothes, accessories.
  5. Artistic Expression: items more artistic in nature, including free-form and mixed media pieces, wall hangings, wearable art.
  6. Young Designer: anything designed with yarn and/or crochet thread by members 25 years old and younger. Designer may turn 26 in the year of the competition. As long as sometime during the year 2015 he or she was 25.
  7. First Time Entrant/Non-Professional: anything designed with yarn and/or crochet thread by someone who has never entered the design competition before and is not a crochet professional. Non-professionals have not had any of their crochet designs published in print or PDF format.
  • Bonus Category – Pineapples: This year’s conference theme is pineapples! If your entry contains pineapples there will be a box you can check on the entry form to indicate this so your entry can also be judged in this category as well

If you are a member, you can read more about the competition requirements on the CGOA website.

If you are still uncertain about entering the competition, here is why I believe you should enter:

  • It is fun to see your creation exhibited with other outstanding crochet designs.
  • It will give you a reason to really stretch yourself and create something that will give joy to yourself and others.
  • It may lead to crochet fame and give you credibility with magazine editors, book publishers and yarn companies (if you’d like to become a designer in the industry).
  • And last (but not least), there are monetary prizes in each of the categories listed above.

The Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) is the only national organization dedicated specifically to crochet. You need to be a member to enter the competition. So if crochet is your passion, it’s worth your while to become familiar with this wonderful organization. You can find out more about the benefits of joining at crochet.org.

And even if you don’t enter the contest, I still hope to see you at the conference. Learn more about the CGOA Conference.





5 thoughts on “Have you heard about the CGOA Design Competition?

  1. Martha Huggart

    Where might we find these awesome patterns? I really like “Nicky’s Caribbean Adventure” designed by Dot Drake but I am not sure I have enough patience to attempt it but I certainly would like to see the pattern to decide. However, “Fall Leaves Wrap” designed by Jessie Rayot and “Seashell Dress” designed by Linda Jeffries are more along my lines. These are so spectacular I doubt I could come up with something that topped these.

    • redheart

      Dear Martha, Thank you for your question! Many times these items are just designed for competition and do not have patterns. If you would like to check in case a pattern is available, please contact the designer directly.

  2. Alina Migeed

    Where can I find the granny square afghan pattern that is shown on the top of this page, underneath the CGOA logo?
    Thank you

  3. Judy L Bracey Moore

    I am interested in learning how to create fashions from crocheting . I hav3 been crocheting since 1969. I started out crocheting scarves and hats for Xmas gifts; I’ve made covers for my couch; tops and skirts for kids in my family and my daughter; baby clothes,etc. But of course, I used patterns from crochet magazines that I subscribe to. I was 27 when I started and I will be 74 this year. It never occurred to me that I could’ve become a designer. I have so many items that I tried to make on my own but for some reason I couldn’t finish them. When I took art in college ,I always had problems with perception. Maybe this was my problem with these items. I’ve made items using instructions from my subscriptions but would really like to be able to call anything I make as my original. I’m on a very limited budget which keeps me from being able to attend any crocheting conferences. I couldn’t attend the open housengiven by Art Institute. I guess I will need the rulers for what to do/not do as far as copyright infringement. May be you could send me what I need for this.

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