Heart & Sole Shawl 3 Colorful Ways

When Lorna Miser designed our crocheted Happy-Go-Lacy Shawl in the vibrant Jellybeans shade of Heart & Sole, everyone loved it for how lightweight and drapey it was, easy to wear as a shawl or a scarf and always comfortable. The quality sock-weight wool-blend yarn comes in beautiful solid and print colors and is machine washable. So when we chose a project for May that we might want to make for our mothers, we made the same shawl in the neutral Riverstone color and called it Enjoy Life Shawl (because wearing it made it easy to enjoy life). Then for knitters, we asked Lorna to design a knit version of the shawl in Denimy and called it Laid-Back Shawl. This third shawl seemed perfect for casual denim days or really for wearing with any casual outfit.

Whether you choose the crochet or knit version, you’ll love that you’ll be wearing this shawl all year round–when the weather is cold as well as when it is warm outside but you need a shawl or scarf because it is too air-conditioned inside.

Here are the 11 Heart & Sole colors that are available. There are bright prints, more subdued prints and 5 solid shades.

3936 Bayou
3112 Black
3800 Blue
3932 Denimy
3900 Fuchsia
3313 Ivory
3930 Jellybeans
3935 Lakehouse
3540 Purple
3941 Riverstone
3933 Skyscraper

If you crochet or knit your shawl in colors other than what we have shown made up, please share a photo on our Facebook page. Your choice may help others decide which color of Heart & Sole to use for their shawl!

You’ll find separate patterns for each of the 3 shawls linked to their photos below. Which one would you like to crochet or knit? Go below the photos to the voting app and click on your favorite.

Happy-Go-Lacy Shawl
Crocheted in Jellybeans
Happy-Go-Lacy Shawl Free Crochet Pattern LW4829
Enjoy Life Shawl
Crocheted in Riverstone
Enjoy Life Shawl Free Crochet Pattern LW5207
Laid-Back Shawl
Knit in Denimy
Laid-Back Shawl Free Knitting Pattern LW5209

Watch for additional 3 Colorful Ways designs each month throughout the year!


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