Help build a life with Build-A-Bed

I was especially touched by the efforts of this campaign started at Morehead State University. We don’t often think how hard it must be not to have a warm bed and pajamas. The Build-A-Bed campaign builds beds for children in need in Eastern Kentucky.

Warm Up America! needs 150 child-size afghans (at least 54″ x 42″) for Morehead State University’s Build-A-Bed campaign. This organization builds beds for children in need in Eastern Kentucky. Each child is given a twin size sheet set, a hygiene kit, books, pajamas, nightlight, alarm clock, stuffed animal, a twin sized bed, mattress, and a blanket.

Warm Up America! provided 120 afghans for their campaign last year. This year they are hoping to build 160 beds and need 160 blankets. We need your help spreading the word via social media so we can meet this need!

Warm Up America! provides the blankets for this event and we need your help to fulfill this need. Please send the finished afghans to the WUA! home office before April 1, 2015. Thank you for your support and spread the word!

Warm Up America!
℅ Build-A-Bed
3740 N. Josey Lane
Suite 102
Carrollton, TX 75007

Below are some suggested afghan patterns to use. You can find more by searching by Throws / Afghans on the Free Patterns section of

Sweet Ruffles Blanket & PillowSweet Ruffles Blanket & Pillow Kids Twin Bed Afghan & PillowKids Twin Bed Afghan & Pillow
Chevron Knit ThrowChevron Knit Throw Easy Knit Zigzag AfghanEasy Knit Zigzag Afghan

27 thoughts on “Help build a life with Build-A-Bed

  1. Sharon

    This is a wonderful project. I hope to make at least one to send.

    • redheart

      Hi, Thanks for your question! Warm Up America! is focused on knit and crochet blankets.

  2. Susan

    Are you accepting 7×9 inch sqares or do you want whole afghans?

    • redheart

      Hi Susan, Thanks for your question! For this particular drive they are only accepting completed blankets, but you are welcome to donate the 7”x9” rectangles to Warm Up America for their regular chapters. You are welcome to create your blanket out of rectangles or squares.

  3. Teresa

    Why are they being sent to Texas if they are for children in Eastern Kentucky. I’m from Kentucky and would like to participate in this program but want to make sure they are going where they say they are.

    • redheart

      Hi Teresa, Thanks for your question! Warm Up America! is coordinating getting the blankets, and they are located in Texas. People can send in blankets now, and they will be stored until it is time to distribute them in Kentucky later this spring once the beds are ready.

  4. Sandi

    i have a friend who would do this, but shipping is just too expensive. She is on a limited income.

  5. Lora

    I am also from Kentucky and will make as many as I can prior to the April cut-off date. Hopefully Morehead State will continue this project next year and it will give me the opportunity to make more through the remainder of this year for these children. Thanks to Warm Up America for their contributions.

  6. Wendy Beckman

    Count me in! I’ll start on one tonight and am posting on Facebook.

  7. Netagene

    I would love to have the pattern for the off-white blanket shown on the orange bedspread! Thanks.

    • redheart

      Hi Netagene, Thanks for your question! The picture came courtesy of Build-a-Bed and Warm Up America, and we do not know which pattern is shown.

    • redheart

      Hi Ramona, Thanks for your question! The afghans need to be at least 54” x 42”.

  8. michelle

    this is a great idea. I have started making a blanket last night. I hope you get enough for every child.

  9. Kathy T

    I’m thrown by the size. If this is a blanket for a twin bed (mattress 39″X75″), why is it so small at (54″X42″), seems like almost crib size? I sure don’t want to make a blanket that will only cover 2/3 of the length of the bed, so would appreciate clarification. Thanks

    • redheart

      Hi Kathy, Thank you for your question! You are welcome to make blankets bigger than 54” x 42”, but that is the minimum size.

      • Kathy T

        Yes, I did read the instructions that said your minimum was 54×42 (weird it’s wider than long, probably just wrote numbers backward?). However, my question related to what the bed size was so I could determine what size I would make. Are they making twin size (39×75) or a different size bed & what is it?

        • redheart

          Hi Kathy, Sorry, we misunderstood your question! The beds are all twin bed sized.

  10. Patricia

    I am working on one to send. I am really excited about this. I think it’s a great project.

  11. Barb Trimble

    Hi, I am working on one because someone posted it on Facebook. The info there said ” as close to 54 X 42 as possible, ” so I was also confused. My question: I remember that there was a March deadline, but I can’t find the Facebook post. It’s this month sometime, right? Thanks.

    • redheart

      Hi Barb, Thanks for your question! The information we received is for the blankets to be at least 54” x 42” in size. The deadline to have the blankets to the Warm Up America office in Texas is April 1, 2015.

  12. Alberta

    I just had to be a part of this project. Shipped my blanket today. It may not be the the prettiest or best knitting but a lot of prayer for the recipient went into it. May God bless all involved in this project.

  13. Alberta

    Concerned because carrier could not deliver to above address. Do you pick these packages up at the post office regularly….? I am fearful it will be returned to me…

    • redheart

      Hi Alberta, We’re sorry to hear there are problems! We are just promoting the program and do not have any information about package delivery. Please contact Warm Up America! for any questions about package delivery. You can fill out the contact form or call the phone number at Thank you for your participation!

  14. Alberta

    Thank you for the information on contacts. I received a quick reply and have been advised that my package has arrived. I was a little nervous and appreciate your help.

  15. Betty

    I missed the deadline on this earlier this year but do have one afghan done at this time. Is this going to take place for the 15/16 year? I would love to send this one along to you with the hopes that I can finish at least a couple more but need to know if you are definitely going to do this again. Thank you.

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