Herringbone Cowl 3 Colorful Ways

Last fall and winter we fell in love with cowls and the new stylish way they kept our necks warm and added a spark of color and texture to our outfits. This year continues with a deeper love affair we are having with the crochet Herringbone stitch pattern by Katy Petersen.

Katy has given us three versions of the pattern in three different yarns. It always amazes me to see how one pattern can look so different with just a change of yarn.

Chevron Herringbone Cowl Free Crochet Pattern LW5118Katy’s first version, Chevron Herringbone Cowl, is crocheted in one vibrant Coral shade of Red Heart Soft. You can see how the chain spaces form the zigzag herringbone pattern. The yarn was named for its “soft” hand and is appreciated for its smooth feel next to the skin.





Herringbone Chevron Cowl Free Crochet Pattern LW5119Her second version, Herringbone Chevron Cowl, is crocheted in two sophisticated shades of Red Heart Super Saver, so it is a really budget-friendly choice. By machine washing the finished cowl and then machine drying, it became softer and comfy to wear. Katy used Charcoal and Medium Purple, but there are shades of Super Saver to suit anyone’s fancy.





Mia's Herringbone Chevron Cowl Free Crochet Pattern LW5120Katy’s third version, Mia’s Herringbone Chevron Cowl, is based on the same pattern as the first but features a wonderful multi-color yarn, Red Heart Unforgettable. It’s fun to see how many things in your closet will coordinate with the different tones in this yarn. Katy used the Dragonfly colorway, but there are many scrumptious shades of this yarn.





So whether you prefer a casual or more business like look, any of these cowls will be the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe. You might also consider crocheting a Herringbone cowl for special people on your gift list. Cowls are just one size, so you don’t have to worry about fit! For free patterns, click on the photos above.

15 thoughts on “Herringbone Cowl 3 Colorful Ways

  1. Shirley

    Love the coral shade! Shows off the stitches very well! Gotta make one for moi!!!!!

  2. Joanne Zednik

    I love the color pattern of this yarn. I even have enough in my stash to make 2-3 cowls!

  3. Florence

    Glad I do not have to make a choice, can make all three. Beautiful and different shades of yarn make each one unique.

  4. Monica Frischkorn

    I plan on using some of my stash to make this amazing cowl

  5. jeannie

    Is there a herringbone Knitting pattern available??? These are all sooo pretty – but the coral is by far the prettiest, IMHO. Love that color!

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Jeannie, Sorry, there is not a knitting version of these cowls.

  6. Sina

    Love the pattern! The coral really pops, and highlights the design. The Unforgettable in Dragonfly is a close second! I’m currently making a Virus shawl in Dragonfly.

  7. Crystal

    I love the “3 colorful ways” feature. Please keep it coming! This cowl pattern is beautiful all 3 ways, but the coral shows the stitch pattern best. Thanks for the lovely free patterns and the budget friendly yarns!

  8. Vicki

    Love all three of these. Would love more knit patterns in the future.

  9. C Cooley

    Please offer a knitted option for those who have not been able to learn how to crochet please. With thanks..

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