Hooking The High Seas Crochet Cruise

ResortHave you ever done a crochet retreat before? If not, here is an opportunity to with Mikey from The Crochet Crowd on board Carnival Miracle on February 15th, 2014. Cruise’n out of Los Angeles. They are exploring the Mexican Riviera for a fabulous 7 day cruise.

Who is this Mikey guy? He is one of our crochet hosts on our YouTube Tutorial Teaching Channel.

Mikey has previously conducted several workshops in the past as well as a weekend retreat in Texas in 2012, see a mini video showing some highlights from that incredible retreat. He’s back at it conducting the biggest retreat of his career. As you can tell through his tutorials, he’s a bit quirky with a combination of fun within the learning process. You just never know what he will say or how he will describe a simple process.

BeachWe’ve hooked up Mikey with course materials, yarn and a really cool yarn tote. He also has other gifts that each registered passenger will get.

While on board you can expect:

  • Gifts by Red Heart, The Crochet Crowd & Crochet Today Magazine. Mikey is working on more gifts too.
  • All Hookers on Deck Reception
  • 3 Fun Instructional Courses featuring 3 different projects to work on.
  • Casual Stitch Encounters at different times, even for passengers that might not get off the ship during port days.
  • Evening Stitchers Sessions.
  • 1 Mega Draw at the end.
  • Mikey’s Mexican Riviera Itinerary is available to view.

This, ultimately, is your vacation. Careful planning has been done so that you can attend everything or pick and choose what you want to attend. The ship is obviously jammed packed with their own activities that you can take part in.

StoneArchMikey has a capacity of only 60 registered guests. This cruise has only 44 seats left. As you will notice on his website, he has two cruises. At the time of publishing this blog, The Eastern Caribbean Cruise has only 4 seats left before selling out.

Keep in mind that you can attend Mikey’s program but have a spouse or friend on the ship with you that doesn’t have to participate. You have plenty of time to enjoy yourself, be with your guests and enjoy a fabulous holiday.


Take advantage of meeting our YouTube Host and taking part in the ultimate crochet cruise.

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