Hot Tub Filled with Red Heart Yarn! Is this a dream come true?

The Stitch Mountain Hot Tub

Everyone loves to take a dip in a nice hot tub, but for knitters and crocheters what could be more enjoyable than taking a dip in a hot tub full of soft, cozy yarn? At Jimmy Beans Wool (JBW), crafters will find just that – a hot tub filled to the brim with yarn, yes yarn – Red Heart With Love in Holly Berry, True Blue and Eggshell to be exact!

The Red Heart Yarns and JBW Stitch Mountain Yarn Hot Tub is filled with patriotic colors of official yarn from the Stitch Mountain campaign and came to life this month as we start thinking about the upcoming 2014 Sochi Winter Games. Topped by the Stitch Mountain tent and lined with pine trees, the Stitch Mountain Yarn Hot Tub plays on taking a nice, relaxing soak after a day of being out on the slopes. It’s also getting us all really excited to create our own patriotic gear to support team USA at the Olympics!

How did the idea come about to fill a hot tub with yarn, you ask?

Well, JBW owners Doug and Laura Zander found themselves falling a bit short on storage space after their move to Reno from Truckee and their solution was to store much of their furniture, including a hot tub, in the warehouse at the shop. The hot tub sat in the warehouse empty for quite some time and employees would often times joke about getting it filled with water so they could take a soak and relax in it during their breaks. Something else employees (and customers too) would often joke about was how nice it would be to bathe in their favorite yarn. It’s not uncommon at all to hear people at JBW say “oooohh, I love this yarn so much I could just bathe in it!”

Well, that was just the opening needed for the decision to fill that lonely hot tub with some nice, beautiful, comfy yarn! And when the question “what will we do with this hot tub full of yarn?” arose, the obvious answer was to encourage all visitors to JBW to take a dip in it and get their photo taken so they could show their friends and family how they got to “bathe in yarn!”

Today, visitors from far and wide take to JBW to get their turn at “soaking” in the Yarn Hot Tub! What’s even more fun…wrapping yourself in an Afghan made of Red Heart With Love!

Stitch Mountain Campaign

Red Heart Yarns and JBW created the Stitch Mountain campaign to teach people how to knit and crochet and inspire them to create their own mountain gear. In support of that mission, the Stitch Mountain campaign travels to ski and snowboard events across the country, where passersby have the chance to learn how to knit and crochet and get free supplies and patterns to make the season’s hottest mountain wear. Red Heart Yarns and JBW couldn’t be more proud to work hand-in-hand on this campaign and to be the first-ever official yarn suppliers to US Freeskiing and US Snowboarding together.

Stitch Mountain Book

Later this fall, another exciting component of the Stitch Mountain campaign will make its debut – Stitch Mountain the book. Highlighting 30 cozy winter garments from socks to mitts to sweaters, cowls, hats and more, each inspired by notable US skiers and snowboarders, the book inspires people to hand make their own winter gear and stand out on and off the slopes!

Stitch Mountain Hot Tub