How to Crochet a Fall Wreath

Fall is the perfect season to make a crochet wreath. You can get creative adding a variety of different autumn-inspired colors and appliques. Hang wreaths on front doors or on your walls. Make them big or small. Create many small ones or one statement piece. This guide shows you some of the different decisions that you’ll make when creating your own crochet wreath design. Of course, you can use the same basic guide to crochet wreaths for any season.

Getting Started: Materials

The first thing that you need to do is to gather the materials you want to use to make your crochet wreath.

Wreath Forms

You can purchase many different kinds of wreath forms from your local craft store. This forms the starting point for your crochet wreath. Alternatively, you could crochet a circular tube and stuff it, amigurumi-style, to create your own wreath. The two crochet fall wreath samples shown in this guide are:

  • 14″ green metal wreath
  • 8″ grapevine wreath

Plastic, straw, wood, and styrofoam are some of the other options for crochet wreath materials. You can find wreath forms in almost any size, so the first decision to make is the desired size and material for your wreath.

Yarn for Crochet Fall Wreaths

Of course, you can use any yarn that you want for your crochet wreath project. The great thing about a project like this is that you can easily mix many different types of yarns. You can also play around with many different colors for the season, depending on the theme of your project and the decor in your home. The options used in this guide include:

  • Red Heart Collage in Potpourri colorway
  • Red Heart Dreamy in Celery and Dark Taupe colorways
  • Red Heart Hygge Charm in Fireball and Evening Star colorways

Step One: Wrap the Wreath

Once you have your wreath and your yarn, the next thing to do is to cover your wreath. This serves as the background of the project. There are a few different ways to do this.

Yarn Wrap your Wreath

The first option is simply to wrap the yarn around the wreath. This is a great way to display the colors of a beautiful yarn as the foundation of your wreath. The example above shows Red Heart Collage wrapped around the wire wreath frame. You can see a styrofoam wreath form wrapped in a lightweight yarn if you take a look at the winter-themed Sparkle-Wrapped Pompom Wreath free crochet pattern:

Crochet a Wrap for your Wreath

Another popular option is to crochet a wrap that goes around the wreath. There are varied ways to do this but the main thing that you want to do is to crochet a solid background that wraps entirely around the wreath, seaming it together with the wreath inside. Often, it makes sense to make the wrap in several pieces to get the fit just right, stitching it all together at the end.

You can use any crochet stitch that you want to make a wrap for your wreath. However, it’s smart to choose a dense, solid design, rather than one that has more openwork spaces, because you don’t want to see the wreath form peeking out beneath the crochet fabric. In the sample above, we used crochet seed stitch. Other good choices include single crochet, linen stitch, and closed shell stitch.

For this project, we crocheted a chain in Dreamy celery, making it long enough to wrap around the width of the wreath frame. Then we crocheted seed stitch to create a fabric that is tall enough to fit one section of the wreath. (This particular wreath already has sections. Mentally divide any wreath into 4-8 sections to get the right size for your own pieces.)

Then we repeated that process, making three more seed stitch crochet wreath wraps in the celery colorway and another three in dark taupe.

Wrap the pieces around the wreath in the desired layout. Seam them together to encircle the wreath in crochet fabric.

Pom Pom Cover

Another option is to adhere pom poms to the wreath surface. We see that in the Halloween Wreath free crochet pattern:

No Wrap

If you like the look of your wreath frame without any yarn on it then you don’t need to wrap it at all Grapevine wreaths already have a nice fall design to them, so you can leave them as is.

Step Two: Add a Bow

You don’t have to add a bow to your wreath, but it’s usually a nice touch. You can always add the bow at the end of the project. However, we like to add it at the start, because it gives you an idea of how much room you have to work with on the wreath once the bow is added. You can add one or more bows in any size and style and place them anywhere on the wreath, although the top and bottom center of the wreath are the most common placements.

Crochet a Bow

One great way to begin your fall wreath is to crochet a bow. There are so many different bows that you can make. One of the easiest methods is to crochet a rectangle, using a favorite solid crochet stitch. After you have finished off, pinch the rectangle in the center, wrapping that center point with yarn to create the shape of the bow.

You can attach a crochet bow to your wreath in a number of ways. Above we wrapped the yarn around the center of the bow, leaving ends long enough to tie the bow onto the wreath. Alternatively, you can stitch it on or adhere it using fabric glue.

Yarn Bows

Another option is to simply tie yarn into a bow. You can use any yarn, of course, but bulky and super bulky yarns often work best since they create big bows.

In the above example, we put together three strands of Red Heart Collage, tied them (held together) around the wreath, and then tied them into a bow.

Another version is to tie three separate bows side by side. Play around with sizes, placement, and styles.

Step Three: Add Crochet Appliques

Now it’s time to add the crochet appliques. This is the best way to incorporate different fall-themed motifs to get the specific look of an autumn wreath (as opposed to one for other holidays.)

Popular fall motifs include:

  • Leaves
  • Apples
  • Pumpkins and other gourds
  • Squirrels, mice, and other forest creatures
  • Acorns
  • Owls
  • Corn/maize
  • Wheat/grain

We used a double-strand of Hygge Charm and Dreamy yarn to create leaves using the motif in our free Fall Leafy Banner pattern.

We also used Collage to make the single point leaf in our Fabulous Fall Wreath free crochet pattern.

We also made some single point leaves using double-strands of Red Heart Hygge Charm yarn.

Step Four: Add a Centerpiece

After adding your appliques, the only thing left is to decide if you want something in the center of your wreath.

For the grapevine wreath, we crocheted a simple double crochet circle that we attached to the back of the wreath. Another option is to use crochet chains to create a cobweb in the center of the wreath, which is appropriate for Halloween wreaths. Yet another popular choice is to add amigurumi, perching it on the bottom of the wreath so that it stands up inside of the wreath. Use common autumn motifs to create that amigurumi; see suggestions above.

You can add the appliques, background, amigurumi, bows, and all other details in any layout you desire. Play around with placement until you have a wreath that you like. Make the wreath minimal, as both of these are, or layer details all over for a more abundant design.

Crochet Fall Wreath Patterns

Here are examples of more abundant designs:

Autumn Leaves Wreath

Fabulous Fall Wreath

Here are some Halloween crochet wreaths:

Circle of Skulls

Superstitious Black Cat Wreath; another variation is the Crafty Cat Wreath

Halloween Crochet Wreath

And here are some additional crochet wreaths. These were designed for other seasons but might inspire some ideas for the layout of a fall crochet wreath:

Snowflake Wreath

April Flowers Wreath

Argyle for Dad Wreath

How to Crochet a Fall Wreath