How-To Knot your own Trendy Choker

It’s official, choker necklaces are back! I’ve been seeing choker necklaces out on the streets and couldn’t help but want to make a macrame one for my fashion-loving sister. After looking through our yarn and thread collection I settled on Red Heart Crochet Nylon. This thread is thicker than most at a size 18, but I decided to hold it doubled for extra impact.

I used loose Half Hitch Knots throughout the necklace to make a pattern with the black and natural colors. If you want to have a larger color selection, Aunt Lydia’s Fashion 3 Thread could work, but keep in mind you might have to hold three or more threads together to get the same size necklace as the nylon makes.

To get started you’ll need:
Red Heart® Crochet Nylon in two colors (I used Natural and Black)
Tape or pin to secure your work to a stable surface

Macrame Choker Supplies

Making the choker necklace:

Measure your neck. If you are making this as a gift like me, don’t worry about this too much—the necklace closes by tying a bow with the tails leftover from knotting, so it doesn’t have to be a perfect measurement.

  • Cut two lengths of your knotting color (natural) and one of the center cord (black)
  • The center cord should be at least 3 inches longer than the desired finished choker length.
  • The knotting cord should measure approximately 3 times as long as the knot bearing crochet cord.

Fold the three cords in half, and hold the loops together and tie a knot so you have a 1” long loop above the knot. Tape or pin the loop to your working surface to secure it for knotting.
Macrame Choker Step 1
There are several variations of the Half Hitch Knot. We are makingVertical Half Hitch knots worked with two cords, using one cord as knotting cord and the remaining and center (black) cord as the knot-bearing cords. You will be switching between a right over left half hitch and the opposite, Left over right half hitch.

To make a “right over left half hitch”, bring the right (knotting) cord under the left and center cords (these are the knot-bearing cords).

1. Wrap the knotting cord all the way around the knot-bearing cord, creating a loop by bringing it over the knotting cord and back under itself.

2. Pull the first knot tightly up against the loop knot. You’ll work much looser for the rest of the necklace to get the ‘window’ effect letting the black show through between the knots.

To make a “left over right half hitch”, bring the left (knotting) cord over the right and center cords.

1. Wrap the knotting cord all the way around the knot-bearing cord, creating a loop by bringing it over the knotting cord and back under itself.

2. For the ‘window’ effect: Pull the knot firmly around the knot bearing cords so the knot is secure, but do not squish it up against its neighbor.

Continue switching back and forth between the right and left side knots.

If it starts to move around too much, move your tape or pin further down the necklace.

Once your necklace is 1-2 inches shorter than your neck measurement tie an overhand knot with all of the stitches, pulling it tight.

Tie off the center cord (black) in its own overhand knot to secure it, and trim the ends close.

Do not cut the knotting cords (natural). To prevent fraying, tie small knots on the ends of each of the natural colored threads. Tuck two of the ends through the loop, and tie into a bow to wear.

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