How to Start a Local #StitchAHug Group

Are you inspired by the #StitchAHug movement and want to make your own local group? We have tips and tricks for you!

Red-Cross-Crochet-Blanket-Group#StitchAHug is our campaign to support the Red Cross to help comfort those in need. You can #StitchAHug by making a knit or crochet Red Heart Cares blanket and donating it to your local Red Cross chapter. You can also make other items for charity, such as chemo caps, hats and blankets for preemies, prayer shawls, and more.

First, decide what kind of group you will have. Will everyone be crocheting blankets for the Red Cross? Or knitting hats for the homeless? Or blankets for preemies? We encourage you to make your groups have a broader focus to gain more members. As you figure out what you’ll make, find places to donate those items. There are many national groups that accept crocheted and knit items, but you can also donate locally. Some good organizations to check with include hospitals, cancer treatment centers, nursing homes, hospices, and shelters.

LW2253 Chemo CapSecond, invite a few friends who knit and/or crochet and are interested in being members of the group. Figure out a time and location that are convenient to everyone. Depending on your group you might want to meet every week or every month. You can meet in someone’s home, in a library, in a building owned by a religious organization, in a coffee shop, in a restaurant…the possibilities are wide open! See what is available in your area and is convenient for many people to get to, with adequate public transportation and/or parking.

Once you have your time and location set, start inviting more friends! Invite everyone you know in your area who crochets and/or knits. Encourage them to invite their other friends. But don’t just limit your invitations to people you know already knit and crochet. If you have members who are willing to help beginners, you can invite non-knitters and non-crocheters to come learn and start making items. You can also spread the word so that people who can’t participate themselves can get the information out to other acquaintances who might be interested.

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Having resources is always helpful! Join our Stitch a Hug with Red Heart Facebook group to get ideas and inspiration. You can download our free ebook Hats for Charity to get patterns to crochet and knit hats for a variety of causes. Visit our blog post Crochet and Knit Charity Ideas to get free crochet and knit patterns and ideas of organizations that accept donations.

Have you started a local group? What tips have you found helpful? Leave your stories in the comments on this page or in the Stitch a Hug with Red Heart Facebook group.