How’s Knitting or Crochet Helping You This Week?

Over the past month, the temperatures have been pushing upward of 80’s – 90’s in the south. Only a very few cool days have come and gone, little time to sit outside and stitch. It’s finally another cooler day today and beautiful weather to work outside…stitching that is. After staring at the computer screen for several days, I’m giving myself a break from the screen for next few hours and I’m going to enjoy this beautiful afternoon working on a fall jacket design (for myself) and I’m doing it outside. I have a swing at the back of my garden, grape vines and trees offer shade and today it’s calling me to come over, sit down and stitch for a while. Only natures music and a mild breeze. And the grape vines are full of grapes, so I’ve picked myself a healthy snack to eat while stitching. 


Ahhhhhhhhhh the making of a great day! This counts as Knitting in Public doesn’t it? Who wants to join me?

How’s knitting or crochet helping you this week? Leave comments below.

Hows Knitting or Crochet Helping You This Week, August 2011

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