Interview with Designer Frank O’Randle

The Internet is a marvelous thing — it never ceases to amaze me. I first became aware of Frank O’Randle when I joined a crochet-a-long on Facebook,and someone posted a link to Frank’s Facebook page. While browsing on his page I noticed Frank’s designs had a very unique look to them. Because of the colors he uses, his afghans seem to have a 3-D quality to them, and they just pop off the page. It’s as if you are viewing them under black light, although no black light is needed. His designs are exquisite.

FrankOrandle1) How long have you been crocheting?
I started in the Fall of 2010. Did it for 1.5 years and then gave it up due to the constant repetition. I stopped for 2 years then tried it again 18 months ago. I remembered why I quit. I have about 3 years of combined experience in crochet now.

2) Who taught you how to crochet?
I bought a book with basic afghan patterns and started making swatches. I then modified the first pattern and turned a 6” block pattern into a full size afghan.

3) When you first learned how to crochet were you bitten by the yarn hoarder bug like the rest of us, and want to buy all the different yarns you saw and touched?
I was mildly stash building when I first started into crochet but didn’t do major stash building until I started to design.

4) What were some of the first items you made?
The first was the block pattern into a large afghan. My second project was the Cathedral Rose Window Afghan. I need the bigger challenge.

FrankO45) What are your favorite items to make?
Very large round afghans.

6) What is your favorite type of Red Heart Yarn and why do you enjoy using Red Heart for some of your designs?
Super Saver is my favorite yarn to design with for quite a few reasons.

The wide variety of colors and the consistency of the yarn. I have 60 solid colors of Super Saver on hand with anywhere between 3 and 7 skeins of each color so I can design anything in any color at anytime.

I can design very large patterns that are affordable for everyone to make.

When I design I sometimes need to tear back a round or two and this yarn lets me do that without it knotting or getting fuzzy.

7) How long have you been designing?
1.5 years. I self-published my first large bedspread pattern, Rings of Change, one year ago on September 17th , 2014.

8) How did you transition into becoming a designer?
I couldn’t handle the constant repetition that is in most crochet patterns. After doing one pattern early last year I was ready to quit crochet again because none of the patterns could hold my interest throughout. I figured I would see if I could make something without following a pattern. 111 rounds later I had Rings of Change. Luckily I wrote it down as I made it.

9) Where can we find your patterns?
On Ravelry.

10) Are you planning on writing a book?
I do plan on it once I get more patterns in my line.

FrankO311) As a man in a predominantly female field how has your experience in the crochet world been? Have people been nice to you?
The crafters love my work. They enjoy my sense of humor. The one thing that I do in my patterns and with my interactions with the crafters is that I make crochet fun. I make the kind of patterns that require focus but I give the excitement of something new coming up in the next round. I target a specific crowd that needs something to hold their attention. My patterns do that. I am very interactive with my crafters. I help everyone that needs it. I do it every day and I encourage them to contact me if they need my help.

12) What else would you like our readers to know about you?
Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box from what you are used to doing. The sky is the limit when it comes to how you can put basic crochet stitches together. They don’t have to stay the same all the way through a project. The crochet community is full of the most helpful and encouraging people that I have ever been a part of. Never be afraid to ask for help. There are countless people like me that love to help others. For people wanting to get into designing. Do it and follow your heart. Make your own path with your own creations and never let anyone convince you that there is only one way to do it. I did things my way and it worked. I did not follow. I created my own path. It will not be easy. It takes constant work to make yourself stand out in a sea of many millions of people but it can be done.

Frank can be found on Facebook, and on Ravelry.



11 thoughts on “Interview with Designer Frank O’Randle

  1. Khadija

    This are gorgeous! I agree about hating the repetition of crochet, thanks Frank and Janice for the inspiration!

  2. Anonymous

    I first found Frank on one of my facebook groups and loved his designs and the colors so I “friended” him!!! I have purchased some of his patterns but have not begun yet but have added them to my “to crochet list”!!! I love the colors he uses and also the fact that we can choose any colors we want. Yes, Frank is very helpful with everyone and so very kind and what a great sense of humor!!!! I see a great future for this man in creating more designs!!!

  3. Janice

    Frank’s patterns are some of the best I’ve ever seen! He’s always willing to answer a question or offer encouragement. A truly gifted designer with a great sense of humor!

  4. whizard

    Frank ‘s a great designer , helpful person, , may he forever follow his heart.

  5. Kaye Davis

    I love Frank’s work.
    He is very friendly and oh so helpful.
    If you need help he’s right there to jump in with photos and videos
    It’s great to see him get recognition like this !!!!
    Congratulations Frank my friend

  6. Daria Roberts.

    Frank is an Awesome Designer. I have purchased some of his patterns and I love how Frank is right there ready to help everyone. I do not know how he has time to crochet with all the time he spends answering questions on his Facebook page. Totally Inspired by Frank & his Beautiful works of Art !! He Crochets art where painter paint art. Love love love his patterns !!!

  7. Sherry Deatrick

    I found Frank on Ravelry when he first published Rings of Change – I’m amazed at the number and quality of designs he’s done since that one. They keep getting better all the time. Frank is a true inspiration and I’m in awe of the number of people who are making his afghans – and I’m proud to have been one of his testers. The great thing about these designs is (besides the fact that they are NOT boring) is that you can stop at any point, so you can make whatever size you want. I’m thinking about making a bunch of lapghans to donate to veterans and others. THANK YOU FRANK, AND KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

  8. Janice R

    I Have also recently discovered Frank and am 2/3 the way through one of his recent patterns.He is an inspiration

  9. Patricia

    Nice interview. Frank’s patterns are really wonderful. Do yourself a favor and check them out on ravelry. He also has a group there.

  10. Shannon Martin

    FRANK!!! Love this guy!! Has a super sense of humor, gracious and kind. His patterns take your thought and your creativity! No rows of dc’s or sc’s for his patterns! So glad to see you here Frank!! Keep putting this amazing patterns out for the rest of us, my friend!!

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