Introducing Boutique Fleecy

A strip of fleece fabric with an added track on the top…brilliant!

Red Heart Boutique Fleecy is the perfect marriage of fleece fabric and yarn. Fun and easy to stitch with, Fleecy makes a warm and snuggly scarf with just one ball.

Don’t be caught without your Fleecy scarf this winter!

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12 thoughts on “Introducing Boutique Fleecy

  1. Patti Hemphill

    No crochet patterns for the Boutique Fleecy yarn?

    • redheart

      Hi Patti, We don’t currently have any crochet patterns for Boutique Fleecy.

  2. Oma Cindy

    I just discovered that you do not have a crochet pattern for the Boutique Fleecy. Disappointed. On a whim I bought a skein hoping to crochet something for my granddaughter and discovered the pattern provided was for knitting of which I do not know how to do. :( I hope to learn in the future but something tells me this is not what I want to learn on. Please some up with a crochet pattern for us non-knitters. PLEASE!

  3. Julie

    Do you have any plans to make a video to explain how to use this yarn? I have no idea how to get started with this yarn and the Ruffled Warmth Scarf pattern. Thank you so much!

    • redheart

      Hi Julie, We do not currently have a video for this yarn. If you subscribe to our YouTube channel, you will be notified if we make one. For now, please contact Customer Service at for pattern assistance.

  4. Marty Sue

    Will there ever be crochet instructions for this yarn? Using the video for the Angelina Ribbon scarf is not helpful because the material with the fleecy is much bulkier and the instructions in the video at times are vague and hard to understand with fleecy. Also, why does the label for this yarn show what size crochet hook to use if there are not any crochet instructions?

  5. Johnette

    Love your Fleecy. Have made two of each pattern you offer and working on more. Do you have any plans to come out with a larger variety of patterns and colors? And, oh, it would be great if you could make the fleece a little bit wider so the scarf is little fuller. Thanks.

    • redheart

      Hi Johnette, Thank you for your suggestions! We do not announce new colors or yarns in advance, but we will pass along your requests to the yarn development team.

  6. Pat

    Where can you buy this yarn I have looked several places now and can’t find it?

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