Introducing #Make2Share

Do you love to make gifts for others? What about sharing pictures of your projects? You’ll want to be a part of the #make2share Challenge! The #make2share Challenge is open to everyone of all skill levels. Make and give gifts to friends, and encourage them to pass it along. Your gifts can be anything handmade: knit or crochet pieces, something you sew, a painting, a carving, baked goods…the sky’s the limit!

The only “rules” are for people to make something themselves and have fun sharing and receiving.

The #make2share Challenge is designed to be shared on social media. Here’s a breakdown of the steps:

  1. Make a handmade gift for two friends.
  2. Post a picture of the gift and tag the two people you made it for. Also use the hashtag #make2share.
  3. In your post, ask your two friends to hand make something special for two other friends, and to post a picture of it and tag those people.
  4. The gift giving spreads!

A sample Facebook post, for inspiration:
To my friends [Donna and Marly], I made you these [hand knit hats] as part of the #make2share Challenge! In exchange for this random act of giving, all I ask is that you make something special for two people of your choice in the next two weeks. Take a picture of what you make and be sure to tag #make2share so we can keep it going forward.

Get project ideas and instructions, as well as printable gift tags, on the Make2Share website. Follow along on their Facebook page.

The #make2share Challenge is organized by Creativebug, a popular online platform that offers classes on DIY topics.