Introducing Red Heart Boutique Sassy Fabric & Sassy Lace Yarn

This is going to take the ruffle scarf to a whole new level….

sassyfabric1New Red Heart Boutique Sassy Fabric is a lovely printed fabric strip with scalloped edges that has small oval shaped holes cut into just the right place to allow you to knit or crochet with ease! The result? A lovely ruffle scarf that looks like you bought it at your favorite boutique! Only you will know you made it for a fraction of the cost! Avaliable in Dots, Spots, and Animal print. Choose your favorite print or make one of each!

Do-the-Polka Scarf




New Sassy Lace comes in beautiful solids that are reminiscent of the Great Gatsby era. Feminine and fun, Sassy Lace makes a romantic ruffle scarf and can also be used as an accent or edging. Add it to your favorite t-shirt, pillows, cuffs and more!

Darling Ruffle Scarf



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Watch the Video Introduction for the NEW Boutique Sassy Fabric & Sassy Lace Yarn by Red Heart.

6 thoughts on “Introducing Red Heart Boutique Sassy Fabric & Sassy Lace Yarn

  1. Marion Huffman

    Do you have red heart “Boutique Sassy Fabric” in navy and white colour?

    • redheart

      Hi Marion, Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, we do not have that color combination in that yarn. You can see all of the colors of Boutique Sassy Fabric here on the yarn page.

  2. Mary Donner

    I would like to order a few skeins. Can you assist me with that?

    • redheart

      Hi Mary, Thank you for your interest! You can order Boutique Sassy Fabric from this page and Boutique Sassy Lace from this page. The currently available colors may be different than when the blog post was written. If you have questions or difficulty ordering, please contact Consumer Services at or (800) 648-1479 for assistance.

  3. Lois

    I’m trying to learn how to make one of these scarves. I’ve tried to crochet and knit (I don’t do either)….I can’t get it to hold the stitch…it just unravels when it’s off the tool. Can someone help?

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