Introducing Reflective Yarn

Soft and lustrous acrylic yarn with added ply of a reflective fiber so it’s great to stitch with and aids in nighttime visibility!

ReflectivePerfect for kids at school bus stops, bikers, joggers, or anyone who wants to be more visible in the dark and look great doing it! As an added bonus, Reflective¬†Yarn lights up when you hit it with flash photography so it’s super fun to take a selfie with flash.

Get creative–mix it with regular yarn. Stitch a heart or your favorite shape or letter out of Reflective and add it to a plain yarn project. Take a flash photo and see how the shape or letter stands out.

Check out this video to see some of the great projects you can make with Reflective:

Check out this and all the beautiful patterns we have on

10 thoughts on “Introducing Reflective Yarn

  1. CazByDesign

    Love these new colors! Can’t wait to try them out! And what a great idea!

    • Anonymous

      I called Joanns yesterday to see if they had it and They DO!!! :-)

  2. Amy

    What a fabulous idea! I’m going to buy some right away and start a new project!

  3. Beverly

    I saw this at the store the other day. Wow! But it is kinda pricey. I like the idea of using it with another yarn, as an accent or embellishment. Wouldn’t be so expensive that way and you’d still get the fun reflective effect.

    • Linda Cardin

      I don’t know about Michaels in the US but here in Quebec that yarn is on liquidation for 2.99 instead of 7.99$

  4. Eva

    What stores can I buy this from? I have been looking and can not find it anywhere, and I don’t shop online, I need to see and feel my yarn before I buy it.

    • redheart

      Hi Eva, Reflective is available in Walmart, Joann, and AC Moore stores. It may not be in your local store, however, so we suggest calling ahead and asking.

  5. Rita BHATIA

    Good Morning,

    Great yarn!! I bought it on sale at Michael’s. I wish they had patterns for a BABY BLANKET FOR A STROLLER AND ADULT PONCHO PATTERNS. I AM A NEWBIE KNITTER.

    Thank you in advance.

  6. Susan Stojsavljevic

    I have teenagers and made some scarfs and hats with this yarn. They love them and so do I!

  7. Donna Rudock

    I really want to try this yarn.The colors are pretty. But the yarn is pricey and a sales associate told me that the reflective strands break break very easily.

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