Introducing Tested and Approved Baby Hugs

It is with pride that I tell you about our newly introduced baby yarn, Baby Hugs! You will be spending hours crocheting or knitting for a sweet child. So using quality materials really makes sense. Here are the advantages of this yarn that make it my confident best choice.

Soft premium fiber that is colorfast and easy to machine wash and dry
Soft pastel and bright vibrant colors that are on-trend with modern lifestyles
Available in both medium and light weight for versatile pattern choices
Tested and certified free of harmful levels of over 300 substances*
Affordable price from the trusted Red Heart brandconfidence in textiles

*Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certified using standards accepted throughout the world.

Here are just a few of the new baby and toddler patterns that we’ve developed so that you can give the babies and toddlers you know (or are expecting) a nice Baby Hugs experience!!

Colorful Striped Pullover
Colorful Striped Pullover Free Crochet Pattern LW5200
Cutie Pointed Hat
Cutie Pointed Hat Free Knitting Pattern LW5202
Rockin’ the Ruffles Tunic
Rockin' the Ruffles Tunic Free Knitting Pattern LW5191
Too Cool Boy’s Cardigan
Too Cool Boy's Cardigan Free Knitting Pattern LW5189

2 thoughts on “Introducing Tested and Approved Baby Hugs

  1. Sue

    Baby Hugs color choices are beautiful! Now if our stores will get some in so I can try it out!

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