It’s a Baby Blanket World

I just got done looking at a Facebook posting about what everyone is making. Not surprising that it seems like every other person is making baby blankets. It’s springtime and everyone knows someone who is having a baby. It’s the perfect gift for year-round use and it doesn’t have to fit!

I’m inspired to make a crocheted baby blanket. I choose the new Cuddle & Coo Blanket, LW2503 for several reasons. First, the Soft Baby Steps yarn is a size 4, medium weight, so it will be fast to make. Also, the pattern repeat is essentially 4 rows, so I can easily handle it.  I’m thinking of using 9590 Aqua and edging it with either 9600 White or 9620 Baby Green.

I don’t have a person in mind to give it to, but I have tons of nieces who are getting to the “married and having family” stage of life. I’m sure it will be a welcome gift.


You can find other free baby patterns for inspiration on!