Join us for the Cabled Afghan Knit Along!

Welcome! We hope you join us and Creativebug in the Cabled Afghan Knit Along! Beginning on Wednesday, July 2, 2014, and every week after for 12 weeks we’ll post a new knit square pattern for the Knit Your Cables Afghan (LW4309). Each square has a companion video tutorial presented by Creativebug where designer Edie Eckman will show you tips on knitting the square. Edie’s daughter Margaret will join in here on the Red Heart blog.

Knit the squares along with us, and by the end you’ll have a completed afghan! Share your progress and ask questions on Facebook and Twitter. For every new square, we’ll select a winner for a prize package.

Enroll in the Creativebug class for access to the videos!

Afghan Design

Ten cable squares and ten garter stitch squares make up the afghan. After you make all twenty squares, we have a border pattern for the entire afghan. You can put your squares together in a different order than we did or alter the pattern so you only have cabled squares and no garter stitch squares, for example. This is your afghan, so personalize it! At the end of the knit-along we’ll post the complete afghan pattern.

Supplies Needed


Bias Garter Stitch Square
Basic Cables Square
Snake Cables Square
Checkerboard Cables Square
Stockinette Cables Square
Horseshoe Panel with Twists Square
XO Panels and Ensign’s Braid Square
Honeycomb Trellis Square
Honeycomb and Braided Cables Square
Seed Stitch Diamonds Square
Lattice Cables Square
Putting It All Together

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14 thoughts on “Join us for the Cabled Afghan Knit Along!

  1. Cathy Paxson

    What are people using for this afghan when the soft yarn seems to have been discontinued?

      • Cathy Paxson

        Thanks for clearing this up. It was the yarn section of the web site that confused me, so I went to a local store and added to the stash I have from an afghan I made for a granddaughter. I’ll be making mine in 4 different colors. Can you tell me if there’s an interactive chart I can use to arrange my colors? Thanks for your help.

        • redheart Post author

          Hi, No, we don’t have a chart for colors since we made it all one color. You can arrange your colors however you think looks best.

  2. aisha ladidi audi

    I have just joined and am a beginner so ireally don’t have much to say.but I am really excited .

  3. Chris Murphy

    This has been a great way to learn different cable stitches. Always look forward to Wednesdays..
    I am making mine to give for a Christmas gift.

  4. Hayley

    Can somebody tell me the name of the color of the Redheart Soft yarn they are using in this knit along tutorial? It looks like the color I’ve been trying to find again, but I think they no longer carry it in the Super saver wich I originally bought a couple years ago

  5. Pat Grace

    I started this beautiful afghan and have one question. How can the gauge be the same for each cable square, have each square knitted a different number of rows and have the squares come out the same size using the same size needle for each square?
    Thank you!

    • redheart Post author

      Great question! When you knit a cable pattern, the fabric pulls in some. Different cable patterns pull in different amounts, which accounts for the different amount of stitches and rows for each square.

  6. Renee D

    I finally started my afghan 2 weeks ago. I’ll be using a different yarn using various colors for each square. I’ll also be doubling the number of cable squares as well as the bias-garter squares (10 garter and 10 st st with garter borders). The colors will consist of bright and pastels. As soon as I’ve completed it, I’ll post a photo on Ravelry.

    • redheart Post author

      Hi, It looks like some cable patterns. We suggest you post on social media or Ravelry and see if anyone there can recognize them.

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