Jolly Ideas for Bottle Gifts

Isn’t it wonderful how knitters and crocheters can make gifts that are a bit more personal and unique than store bought?! One of my favorite ways to give bottles of wine is to dress them up a bit with a knit or crochet bottle topper. These bottle garments are perfect to have on hand for last minute invitations and get-togethers during the holiday season.

When we added Boutique Fur to our line of Red Heart yarns something told me that it would make a stunning Fur Stole for a shapely bottle of French wine or champagne (or even the local wines from here in North Carolina).

So to make the Fur Stole for Champagne, I collected these supplies:

You really don’t need a pattern…here is what I did…Bottles-2

  1. Cast on 5 stitches.
  2. Knit every row until scarf measures 11” long.
  3. Bind off. And then use your fingers to weave in the ends.
  4. Position button under point of top layer; sew in place. No buttonhole needed, because button slips through the holes in the knitting.






Bottles-1Of course not everyone is the fur stole type. So this year I am also making these bright colored hats and scarfs for the more outdoorsy (not glam) types I’ll be visiting. Instead of the red and green yarns used in the original patterns, I chose bright solids and really like the way they turned out (and they take less time without all those color changes).







LW2663 Dressed to Party Bottle AccessoriesTo make the crochet version, I used Super Saver in 718 Shocking Pink and Super Saver Accent in 625 Guava. I followed the pattern LW2663 Dressed-to-Party Bottle Accessories.







LW4871 Holiday Bottle BeaniesTo make the knit version, I used Super Saver in 512 Turqua and 319 Cherry Red. I followed the pattern LW4871 Holiday Bottle Beanies.







The knit Holiday Bottle Beanies pattern did not have a scarf so using Super Saver in Cherry Red here is what I did…

  1. Using size 4mm [US 6] needles, cast on 7 stitches.
  2. Knit 2 rows.
  3. K1, P1 rib until it is 12 inches long. (K1, P1 for row 3 and every other row; P1, K1 for row 4 and every other row)
  4. Knit last 2 rows.
  5. Bind off.

You will also find other ways to dress your bottles in the free pattern section of There’s a wonderful whimsical reindeer, a hat & capelet set and an assortment of sweater styles.

Click on these photos to go to the pattern of your choice.

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