Knitting and Crocheting is Not a Thing of the Past Anymore

Did you know Red Heart provides free patterns on many items you would never believe could be knitted or crocheted? I remember my first day at work walking into the break room to eat my lunch and seeing some women knitting and crocheting. I remember thinking to myself how awesome their creations were but how knitting and crocheting was such an “old timey” thing to do and I just knew right then that I’d never get into that. But look at me now, I’m so “hooked” I think I could crochet in my sleep! I remember seeing what my co-workers were creating just on their lunch breaks and I was so amazed that I jumped on the band wagon real quick after that.

Luckily, the ladies took me under their wings and showed me the basics. My first two projects were scarves that I donated to a charity. From then on I learned new stitches and started making cowls, hats, blankets, booties, golf club covers, wristers, coasters, shawls, totes, tops….the list goes on.  There are so many things you can make with yarn, the possibilites are endless! And although some perceive needlecrafts as a thing of the past maybe they should think twice! ;)  Shame on me for judging a book by its cover.
Cro-Shayley's 1st scarfCro-Shayley's 2nd scarf

If you are new to knitting and crocheting and need a little help, check out our Learn How section.  Here you’ll find illustrations and steps on basic stitches.  We have lots of videos as well to help if you are a visual learner!  Use the search bar or the Article Category sidebar to help narrow your search.

Check out the Associated Press article Passionate crafters keep crochet alive, thriving  featured in the Salisbury Post. The article mentions 2 of our designers: Edie Eckman and Carol Alexander.