Knot a Sashay Scarf! No needles, no hooks!

Since crafters are doing knotted macramé things (like friendship bracelets), I thought I would try a simple knotted Sashay scarf…it actually turned out much easier than a macramé bracelet and you can complete it in an evening. It’s made just like knotting double or triple knotted fringe and is a stylish alternative to the ruffled scarf.

Butterfly bobbins make for easier knotting

I advise that you be patient during the prep stage of the project. Since the strands of yarn are so long, you need to make butterfly bobbins with each group of strands. As you make rows of knots, you pull out yarn from the bobbins as needed. Our pattern has you put the strands in a clip board which makes this project portable. But you can also tape or pin the tops of the strands to something as you do your knotting.

Butterfly bobbin










You can find the complete pattern with step by step photos for the Knotted Fringe Scarf in our Free Patterns. Make it to wear this holiday season! And there is plenty of time to make it for gifts!

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13 thoughts on “Knot a Sashay Scarf! No needles, no hooks!

  1. Patricia

    need a video for knotted Sashay scarf, would be very helpful. A very nice scarf

  2. Patricia

    I want to do the knotted sashay scarf, would like to see a video, Thank you for considering this.

  3. Sheila Payne

    I would love to see vudeo to make this knitted scarf

  4. I too would ove a video of this scarf. love it but I gues I am a visual learner.

    Please make video.

  5. Jamie

    Would appreciate if you can put it on YouTube or Vimeo. Thanks.

  6. Linda Smith

    On the knotted scarf, how many strands did you have, and what do you do with the ends you started with? There is a lack of information concerning this pattern!

  7. Lora

    Yeah, a video would be awesome for this one. I have never done macramé before, let alone doing it with yarn o.o please please PLEASE make a video! Perferabbly before Christmas! ;)

  8. Jaye Jones

    I am an avid crafter with 45 years experience. I need a tutorial as well. These instructions have intimidated me since spring.

    • redheart

      Hi Jaye, Thank you for your request. If you have not looked at the pattern PDF, it does have photos to assist you, as well as the photos in the blog. If you still need assistance, please contact our Consumer Services team at or (800) 648-1479 for pattern assistance.

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