Lacy Cowl 3 Colorful Ways

This month we are featuring one of my favorite cowls in 3 Colorful Ways. It was first designed by Nancy Thomas in our new Sparkle Soft yarn in White. Everyone in the office oohed and aahed when it arrived. So it was a natural choice for wanting to see it worked up in other yarns. We re-knit it in Unforgettable in Petunia (that looks great on everyone) and then also in the new Papaya shade of With Love (an on-trend color that is in all the fashion reports). It an easy lace pattern that is perfect for those wanting to try a small project with lace – which is really just a pretty name for making holes in your knitting. You’ll find separate patterns for each of the 3 cowls linked to their photos below. The patterns are written out and charts are included that are nice to follow for the lace patterns.

Which Lacy Cowl variation would you like to have in your accessory wardrobe? Go below the photos to the voting app and click on your choice.

If you crochet your Lacy Cowl in other colors, please share it with us on our Facebook page. Your choice may be an inspiration to someone else!

LW5145 Covet This Lacy Cowl
Knit in With LoveCovet This Lacy Cowl
LW5144 Adore This Lacy Cowl
Knit in Boutique UnforgettableAdore This Lacy Cowl
LW4681 Love This Lacy Cowl
Knit in Sparkle SoftLW4681 Love This Lacy Cowl

Watch for additional 3 Colorful Ways throughout the year!

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5 thoughts on “Lacy Cowl 3 Colorful Ways

  1. lin

    all are beautiful, just like the color of Adore This Lacy Cowl

  2. Joan Stuart

    How beautiful! I would like to use the pattern to make a shawl…Do you think it would work?

  3. Beth

    They all look like the same pattern. I just love how the white one lays and looks.

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