Learn a Stitch, Make a Drop Stitch Knit Cowl

Welcome to the fifth entry in our ongoing series Learn a Stitch, Make a Cowl! Each month in 2015 we will teach you a new crochet or knit stitch. You can then use the stitch when you make the featured cowl. This month our stitch is drop stitch knitting, and the cowl is the Drop Stitch Cowl in With Love. Keep reading to learn the stitch and enter to win! Use the hashtag #learnstitches to talk about the series.

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LW4697 Drop Stitch Cowl


Drop-stitch knitting creates rows of loose stitches between sections of normal stitches. You accomplish the loose stitches by adding extra yarn-overs between stitches as you knit a row, and then dropping those yarn-overs on the next row.

The pattern calls for With Love in Beachy, but the example is in Soft Yarn. The sample for this tutorial also only has 21 stitches so it is easier to see the entire row. When you make the cowl, make sure you follow the pattern and cast on 45 stitches.

To start, you’ll cast-on and knit 6 rows.


To create the yarn-overs, you’ll knit 2, then yarn-over twice. Knit 1, then yarn over twice, and continue the k1, yo twice pattern across the row. At the end of the row, knit the last two stitches as normal. By knitting the first and last two stitches, instead of having them as part of the drop-stitch pattern, the sides of the cowl will be more stable.


In this close-up photo, you can see the yarn-overs in between the regular stitches.


For Row 8, we’ll drop the yarn-overs and create the drop stitches. Knit 2, then just slip the yarn-overs off of the needle before knitting the next stitch. As you go across you will continue to slip the yarn-overs off the needle and just knit the existing stitches. It can be a little awkward, but ignore the loops of yarn as best as you can. When you’ve finished, you’ll have one row of plain knitting above the row of loose dropped stitches.



This close up shows the side of the cowl, where you are knitting the final two stitches instead of having them as part of the yarn-over pattern. As mentioned above, knitting these stitches helps make the cowl more stable.


You’ll repeat rows 1-8 for the pattern. Here is what it will look like after two repeats.


When the cowl is about 24″ long, end with Row 8 and bind off. Sew the short ends together and weave in the ends to finish the cowl.

To see the other stitches and cowls in this series, visit the Learn a Stitch, Make a Cowl page.


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