Learn to Knit with Marly’s Mom

Earlier this year our spokesperson Marly Bird taught her mom how to knit! You can follow along and learn with these conversational videos. Marly will teach her mom and you how to cast on, knit, purl, bind off, change colors, and fix common mistakes.

Watch the videos in order, or jump to the one that covers a skill you want to learn or refresh yourself on.

Lesson 1

Learn the slip knot, long-tail cast-on, and the knit stitch.

Lesson 1.5

Common questions answered.

Lesson 2

Learn to purl, knit Stockinette stitch, read your knitting, and bind-off.

Lesson 3

Learn to change colors.

Lesson 4

Learn to fix common mistakes.

One thought on “Learn to Knit with Marly’s Mom

  1. Sue Kropik

    OMG!!!! I love you guys. I’m sitting here all alone cracking up. I know how to crochet, I’ve been doing it for years but you all make me want to knit. I will be following.
    Thanks for the laughs

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