Little Monsters Photo Challenge Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Little Monsters Photo Challenge! We challenged our fans to submit pictures of their children or pets in costumes made with Red Heart Yarn. We received dozens of entries, and randomly chose the following 10 winners.

Little Monsters - Frozen Princess Hat

Kayla Faust










Little Monsters - JackBetty Draskinis













Little Monsters - Mickey Mouse boys

Brittany Smithey













Kathy BurleyLittle Monsters - Made wtih LOVE for my Lovey








Little Monsters - My little Princess

Angela Johnston













Darlene GrooverLittle Monsters - Ninja Turtle













Little Monsters - Red Algae Monster

Brenda Main













Little Monsters - Black Cat

Tanjia Douglas













Little Monsters - Strawberry Shortcake

Jennifer Melton










Little Monsters - First Year Ulysses Sorted

Michael Steinhardt














2 thoughts on “Little Monsters Photo Challenge Winners

  1. Darlene Groover

    I am so excited!! Congrats to all other winners!!!!

  2. dee sallee

    congratulations to my daughter Darlene Groover for winning good job

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