A Look Back at FREE eBooks of 2016

In case you missed any of the Free pattern eBooks from the Red Heart inspiration team, I am collecting all 6 of them here. I thought you might want to download them so you can have the patterns handy when planning your next project. Just click on the cover photo to download.

Ballet Class

Ballet eBook_Page_01Young girls love to jeté, chassé, plié and joyfully express themselves with dance. You know the joy that comes with knitting, crocheting and expressing your love with the ideal hand-crafted gift. In this eBook we bring these two joys together with dance fashions the girls in your life will love to wear. We’ve included shrugs to warm up at the barre, flowers and a bun cover for pretty hair and leg warmers in modern yarns.




Baby Hugs

Baby-Hugs-Portrait-Cover-WebLet us introduce you to Baby Hugs, the newsworthy yarn that is tested and certified free of harmful levels of over 300 substances.

We’ve included 11 free patterns for babies, toddlers and youngsters using the new modern selection of bright, pastel and neutral Baby Hugs colors.







Super Saver Throws

red-heart-super-saver-throws-portrait-coverRed Heart Super Saver is perfect for throws. Use this free collection of 14 crocheted and knit throws to find the perfect pattern for your lifestyle. With over 100 colors, Super Saver has the colors you need to make your vision a reality.








cc14927-scrubby-ebook-red-heart-coverBring joy to your dishwashing and bath time with this collection of 20 free crochet and knit patterns in Red Heart Scrubby and Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle yarn. From plain dishcloths designed for efficiency to cute washcloths you’ll want to keep out for everyone to admire, we have a pattern for every age.







Alphabet Song

monogram-portrait-coverThe Alphabet Song brings back memories of childhood and the fun of learning the letters in your own name. Children and adults alike enjoy receiving gifts that have been individualized with their monogram or their name. We present here some cool ideas for knitting and crocheting accessories to wear, to give and to personalize a home.







Make It Joyful

make-it-joyful-portrait-cover-v2A time for JOY!
The holidays are perfect for heart-warming knit and crochet projects. Make gifts and decorations that add to the joyous times with family and friends. From the wreath at the front door to the many gifts and decorations that you will knit or crochet, we are happy to offer this collection of ideas.

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  1. Patti

    Thank you for the free eBooks!! There’s a ton of yarn (not really, but almost enough to start my own store) in my stash so I can get started as soon as I make up my mind what I want to make.

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