Love the Project, Make it Your Own! By Guest Blogger Donna Stinson

When I see a project that I feel like making the first thing that I think about is what color would look good in my house or for the person I may give it to. I also look at how much time it will take. I work full-time, have two busy children, three dogs and a husband so my time is limited. I do love to make these wonderful creations so I usually look for easy, fast and beautiful projects.

Recently, I found the perfect design and I made it for me! The Weekend Throw was designed by Katherine Eng, who is a design genius. It used two strands of yarn throughout the pattern therefore making it a quick project. And yes, you can complete this throw in one weekend if you are committed to it.


SuperSoftThe pattern called for Red Heart Super Soft. For those of you that are not familiar with this yarn, it is the same as Red Heart Soft, but double in size. I decided to make the throw in a solid color rather than changing the border. I used six-10 ounce balls of Super Soft and my color choice was Wine #4608.

My yarn arrived and I was ready to go. I took some “in progress” photos for you to see that the stiches repeat row after row. It is a very elegant stitch that looks difficult, but is easy enough for a beginner. I do have a little advice for you all. Always check your gauge before starting. You will see what I mean shortly.

Progress1      close-up-of-stitches
Since I work for Coats & Clark, I have the access to the designs so I brought the original throw to show two different color ways. As you can see from the comment above, my throw is a little bigger than the original. If I had done a gauge swatch I would have learned that I needed to use a smaller hook.


When you look at a pattern, don’t just look at the color, but imagine what that design would look like in a color you love. I call it “making my own recipe”. As the title says, LOVE THE PROJECT, MAKE IT YOUR OWN! I had a blast working on this and the finished product is just amazing. Many thanks to all of our designers that share their talent and knowledge with us and many thanks to Katherine Eng for bringing this one to me.