M.I.Y. (Make It Yourself) Mopsy Bunny

Craft an adorable bunny to give your home a cute Easter vibe! Mopsy Bunny is happy and content spending time on any table, shelf or mantel…actually anywhere in the house is fine with this honey of a bunny. Her furry coat is simply a layer of Red Heart Fur yarn wrapped around an egg-shaped foam craft ball. Here are the instructions for making Mopsy.

What you will need:


Step 1: Using pattern and felt, cut out two ears and two feet.


Step 2: Wrap foam egg with one layer of Fur yarn, using straight pins to hold in place.


Step 3: Glue feet to bottom of wrapped egg.


Step 4: Fold lower end of felt ear in half and glue to hold. Referring to photo, glue to top side of egg holding it in place with a pin until dry. Repeat for second ear.


Step 5: Glue buttons in place for eyes and nose.


Step 6: Make pompom for tail (see how-to below) and glue in place.


Making a Pompom on a Fork

Step 1: Cut a ½ yd (.46 m) piece of yarn and place between center prongs of fork.


Step 2: Cut a 4 yd (3.7 m) piece of yarn and wrap around fork prongs.


Step 3: Using the ½ yd (.46 m) piece of yarn tie tightly around wraps and knot.


Step 4: Slip wraps off of fork and cut the loops on both sides of tie.


Step 5: Trim pompom to give it a round shape.


One thought on “M.I.Y. (Make It Yourself) Mopsy Bunny

  1. GinaLane

    Very cute and easy idea. I have 9 grandchildren and I’m always looking for cute things to make them. These will make great Easter basket decorations.

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