Make a Boutique Swerve Scarf in a Jiffy!

If you’re like most people you enjoy making things for your friends and family but wait until the last minute. Red Heart Boutique Swerve can solve your problem in a jiffy!  It is available in a multitude of colors. All you need are 2 skeins of SWERVE and believe it or not, just your hands. This scarf is so easy you don’t even need a crochet hook!

Friends and family will be amazed by how gorgeous the scarf/cowl is, they will be clamoring for more than just one!

Here Janice teaches how to use Red Heart Boutique Swerve.  In less than 15 minutes, using only your hands and 2 balls of SWERVE you can create a beautiful scarf or cowl to give as a gift for the Holidays

Here are the easy photographic step by step instructions.  Make a unique Holiday scarf or even make some garland for your Christmas tree with this colorful, soft, and fluffy yarn.

Supplies Needed:

  • 2 balls of Red Heart Boutique Swerve
  • Your hands

How to get started:  Allow a 5 inch tail at the beginning and the end of scarf.  These ends are needed to tie your cowl together.

Holding 2 strands together, make a slip knot around the palm of your hand.  Make sure to keep your hand fairly stiff.  Now wrap the yarn around the same hand you have the slip knot on, and pull through the loop.  Try to keep your hand straight and stiff while you are doing this whole process.  When the scarf is the desired length cut the yarn leaving a 5 inch tail.  Tie the two ends together and now you have a fashionable cowl.  If you prefer you can just leave the ends hanging and you have a scarf, just make sure to tie your end into a knot (If you are making a scarf.


I’ve already made two to give as gifts and it’s only the second week of December, I still have time to make more!!!

The colors used are the following:

Berrylicious # 9764
Fizzy # 9946
Sahara # 9344

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  1. Mrs.Victory

    Wow a coworker have me this yarn. It was sooo easy and beautiful! Thanks

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