Make a Heart, Give a Heart


Wow, I haven’t even put my Christmas decorations away and I’m already seeing Valentine goodies in the stores. Of course I’m still on a sugar high from all the Christmas cookies and am trying not to look at the Valentine candy (same old New Year’s resolution—to eat healthy). So I’m thinking that this year I will make an effort to make Valentine’s Day a holiday of hearts, not a holiday of candy. Here are my Red Heart ideas for February 14 gifting.

Love Monkey & Pom-MonsterThese little cuties let them know they are loved on Valentine’s Day and every day throughout the year!














Be My Valentine ThrowThe perfect romantic night at home…sharing an afghan, a bowl of popcorn and a movie.














Valentine Mug HugFill it with coffee, tea or cocoa mix for any love in your life!














Decorative Hearts & Flying Hearts MobileInstead of hanging your hearts on a tree, attach them side to side with ribbon and make a garland to hang on the mantel or in the kitchen window.  Or tie your hearts to a ring and make a mobile—hang it over a little one’s bed or child’s play area. 














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