Make It Yourself Pompom Beach Bag

Have you seen the cute straw beach bags with pompoms? They’re in-style and fun, but the ones in the stores cost a lot. Here’s how you can make it yourself! Find a bag in your closet to spruce up, or run to the store and get one, and then join us here for step-by-step instructions.


Do the Project

First, make as many pompoms as you want using the Easy Wrap Pom-Pom Maker. Once you get the hang of it, you can make these while watching TV or relaxing by the pool. If you have kids, they can help you as well.

Make Pom-Poms

Take all 4 pieces of the same size/color out. We’ll work in pairs of a smooth one and a bumpy one.


Put the two pieces back-to-back. Leaving a long tail, start wrapping the yarn around both pieces, counting the wraps as you make several layers.


Continue wrapping until the pair is full, ending on the opposite side from where you started. We did 100 wraps on each pair.


Repeat with the second pair.


Join the pairs together by sliding the flat feet into the slotted feet so you have a complete circle.


Using the points of your scissors, go between the gaps and cut through all of the layers.




Cut 12″ (or more) of yarn and slide it between the gaps.


Tie the yarn tightly in a secure knot. Remove the plastic and trim the pompom as needed to make it round.


Make as many pompoms as you want to put on your bag.



Decide how you want your pompoms to go on your bag. We had 9 pompoms, 3 each in 3 different colors, and alternated them along the top of one side of the bag. On the other side, we did a decoration hanging from the handle.


Personalize your bag however you want! Here are some suggestions:

  • More than 3 colors
  • Fewer than 3 colors
  • Blocks of color
  • Alternating colors
  • Horizontal lines (1 or more) across the bag
  • Vertical lines (1 or more) along the bag
  • Same on both sides
  • Different on each side

Attaching the Pompoms

Line of Pompoms

Using one of the long tails from a pompom, thread the yarn needle. Place the needle through the bag. Repeat on a second tail of the pompom, so both pompom tails are on the inside of the bag.


Repeat for all pompoms on this side of the bag, so you can make sure they are positioned as you want them to be. You can tie them in a loose knot if desired to help maintain the positioning while you arrange all of them.


Tightly tie the tails for each pompom together to secure it on the bag.


Trim the tails on the inside of the bag. Optional: Dab a white school glue that dries clear on each knot to further secure it.



Hanging Decoration

For the hanging decoration, we twisted the tails of the individual pompoms together. Then we braided the tails together, letting them hang at different lengths. We threaded the end of the braid through the top of the bag around the handle and tied it on, so it will not move on the handle.


If you would prefer it to be removable, just tie the decoration onto the handle itself. Or, you could attached it to a keyring or clip and clip it onto the handle.